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Recommendation After Super Accumulation? Don't Know What to Do

Hi , I’ve completed the Super Accumulation training program recently

Lately I’ve lost some motivation about working out, what to do and what kind of program to follow
I can’t get hyped up as I used to before and during training .
my motivations didn’t change in basis actually.
My goals now would be getting stronger, transfering some of that strength into power and keeping fat levels as low as I can.
It’s hard to hold on to the last pieces of motivation while not following a program
So what can I do to achieve my goals and get fired up again ; go back to basic training methods , the S.A.P all over again , or something else ?

If you can recommend anything about any of my problems I would be very happy
thank you :slight_smile:

It would be interesting if CT chimes in but I’m guessing you’re a Neurotype 3 and would recommend the indigo project training (strength program). Unfortunately I can’t link it using my phone but do a search on this site and you will find it.

thank you very much for your idea :slight_smile: , I’ll look it up
I’m not sure how to classify myself in neurotypes ; but I guess somewhere around type 1 and type 2
I work out at least 5 days a week if I’m not following certain program , and do one morning and one evening session :
explosive exercices with 1:30 or 2:30 minutes of rest ( like neural charge exercices ) then a compound exercices with low volume/ high intensity

In the evening I train for hypertrophy ; High volume, moderate to low intensity ,a very high rep finisher and weigthed streches ( pull / push )

If I don’t have any joint pain or rugby training I go for a low intensity run for time or I jump rope at night

Because the school gym is mostly closed the week-end I trash my body the friday night with challenges like AMRAPS , 30 min / certain weight for mex amount of reps , or some clean/jerk sprint box jump circuit in addition to my workout ( I don’t do this if I can go for a gym membership monthly /weekly )

PS : My training style may sound like a lot but week days I have only school and my workouts so It’s easy to find time to train , and there is not much to do where I live during the week . All my friends are lifters and gymbros (even the girls ) so I go out just the week-ends generally

I don’t agree. I think he is 1A… the guy is super strong for 17 years of age… that amount of strength that young is 1A or 1B. I’m working on an article at the moment, but I plan to address his question shortly.

thank you very much

Lol. So much for my skills at neurotyping. :confused:

Honest mistake… I know what you did… he mentioned that it’s hard to stay motivated because he doesn’t have a program. So right off the bat you thought “Type 3”… one thing I teach with neurotyping is that you are like a detective. You accumulate clues and you make an eval based on that.

The fact that he is all about strength, and is so strong at an early age kinda take Type 3 our of the picture.

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Here’s what happened IMHO.

Your lack of motivation is TOTALLY from doing too much work. And it’s likely not the heavy lifting that is the problem but the hypertrophy work. I’ll try to explain the reason why, but it requires going a bit into neurotyping so you might not understand everything 100%.

Anyway, back to doing too much. The justification you use is that your schedule is not full, it’s easy to fit the workouts in and you have nothing else to do.

The amount of free time you have should not dictate how much work you do. It is all about how your body can tolerate volume.

Now, because you are young your testosterone and IGF-1 levels are likely high. The fact that you are so strong for your age would confirm that assumption and likely put you in the very high level in both of these hormones. So you can PHYSICALLY get away from doing tons of volume: your anabolic (muscle building) hormone are high and because you don’t yet have a stressful life your catabolic (muscle wasting) hormones are low.

HOWEVER that doesn’t mean that neurologically you can handle the volume. Loss of motivation is 100% neurological/psychological. It is more often than not due to low dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter; a messenger in your brain. It’s role is to give you a pleasure response but it also makes you motivated and competitive.

As I mentioned earlier, I think you are a neurotype 1A or maybe 1B (doesn’t matter they have the same dominance). Both of these types are very sensitive to dopamine: their brain responds strongly to it. As a result they thrive on high intensity (heavy work, and also explosive in the case of 1B), on high frequency (each training session gives them a dopamine receptor stimulation and a strong pleasure response)… they are competitive and number-driven in the gym (always want to lift heavier weights).

However they are NOT neurologically built for volume. Especially volume that is not stimulating on the nervous system (higher reps, long time under tension, isolation exercises, etc.) especially Type 1A.

If they do too much volume here is what happen: they deplete their dopamine levels.

When you are training you force your body to produce dopamine. Type 1A and 1B are VERY sensitive to dopamine, but they don’t have a lot (if you are sensitive you normally don’t need a lot of a hormone/neurotransmitter). So when you are training your force your body to produce more dopamine than normal. But since your body doesn’t produce much, if you do too much work, you will deplete your dopamine levels.

Dopamine is responsible for being motivated and having drive in the gym (being competitive, with others or against the workout itself). If it crashes, motivation goes out the window. So even though you are physically capable of recovering from the work, your CNS crashes and you feel like crap.

I’m also willing to bet that at the moment you tend to eat a worse diet than before, likely eating more sugary stuff. This is because eating for pleasure releases dopamine… so when dopamine crashes your body will instinctively try to increase it…

The super accumulation program will KILL a type 1A and likely a Type 1B too… mostly because of the hypertrophy portion.

A Type 1A (and Type 1B) CAN train twice a day. BUT the duration and workload of the sessions need to be very low.

In fact I’d make the following recommendations:

  1. 3-4 exercises per session AT THE MOST.
  2. Nothing over 6 reps, and it’s best to stay below that.
  3. Keep rest intervals fairly long to avoid increasing adrenaline (adrenaline is made from dopamine… the more adrenaline you release, the more you deplete dopamine)
  4. Do very little traditional hypertrophy work.
  5. Keep each session under 45 minutes.

You cannot start a new program RIGHT NOW. Your motivation will NOT come from a program. The issue is chemical. You need to restore your dopamine before being able to train hard while being motivated. If you keep on push hard you will dig the hole deeper. But don’t worry it should only take you about a week.

BTW if you read the super accumulation program, it calls for a week of greatly reduced training hen you complete it. Sounds like you didn’t do that.

I suggest doing only neural charge workouts (EXACTLY like in the article… not YOUR version of it) for a week. No more than 25 min per session, no more than 4-5 sessions in the week. I would also recommend taking Brain Candy or at the very least tyrosine (2 x 1000mg per day) to help restore dopamine levels.

After that I would recommend trying out: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/bulgarian-training-simplified

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Thank you so much ,
you are unbelievably right about the rep range , workload and rest periods because that type of training is actually what I love the most ,
the sugarry cheat meals are also correct .
Again thank you for the great analysis , after the super accumulation program I did 4 sessions in the following week ( the first three exercices , with the given rest periods etc. , of the "lift like a monster , look like a superhero " program per session. And I did a PR attemt on deadlift.

I’m going to do what you explained starting from today and hopefully let you know about the developpements

@Christian_Thibaudeau you are exactly right. Besides that, I didn’t open the link he attached. Never saw his strength.