Recommend me a program for skinny fat

I already posted asking what should I do but I have decided I am going to cut to no longer be fat 300 kcal cur

But what is the best program to do as a skinny fat person any recommendations

Are you looking to burn fat, gain muscle, attempt to do both? And what do you mean by skinny fat? Have you been training up to this point?

On and off training 1 year

Squats 75kg 3x5
Bench 50kg 3x10
Overhead press 35kg 3x5

Dexa scan said I had 30% bodyfay so I need to cut but want to maintain or build muscle

you didn’t like any of those suggestions?


From your starting place, just about anything will work, provided you do the following exactly


  1. Lift at least 2 times a week, every week, without fail
  2. Train every major movement (refer below) at least once per week
  3. Get stronger (refer below) at each major movement at least once per week
  4. Perform some kind of cardiovascular exercise at least twice per week. You can either do low intensities for a long time, or very high intensities for a short time


  1. Eat at least one serve of protein at every meal, every day, without fail
  2. Eat at least one serve of fruit or vegetables at every meal, every day, without fail.
  3. Drink at least 2L of water a day
  4. Stop drinking any sugary drinks whatsoever
  5. Drink no more than 5 standard drinks per week. Ideally, you wouldn’t drink at all

The major movements are:

  • Knee dominant: sub-group into squatting and lunging
  • Hip dominant: sub-group into double leg hinges and single-leg hinges
  • Upper body push: sub-group into horizontal and vertical pushing
  • Upper body pull: sub-group into horizontal and vertical pulling
  • Trunk: Sub-group into flexion-extension exercises and rotation/side bending exercises

Getting stronger means:

  • Add weight for the same number of reps
  • Add reps at the same weight
  • Reduce rest between sets at the same reps and weight
  • Perform more overall weight, sets or reps within the same unit of time


Nah, hes a special snowflake.

Times like this make it difficult to blame coaches for giving clients the same pre-canned programs and calling it “custom”.

To be fair, I was exactly the person who thought he knew better than actual coaches and believed he would make his own program work better.
Spoiler: it didnt work better.


It’s the same pattern with the folks who Spam post in all the different sub categories.

They ask for advice. Get lots of great answers from folks who have a cumulative 100+ years in the weight room. Simple easy to follow programs where lots of gains can be had, especially for newbies, are lauded by those experienced folks because they have done them.

Then poster completely ignores the advice, indicating all they wanted was ass pats for doing nothing or confirmation their ill-informed training “program” will accomplish what they want.


If listening to good advice was hypertrophying, OP would be skinner and fatter.

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You misunderstood OP. He wants the best program custom for someone who’s skinny fat.


Dan John’s “Mass Made Simple” would be absolutely outstanding here.


Conveniently, if he buys the book it has a built in log and gives all information.

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I mean more the book, along with the program within it. The article is actually fairly different. Not bad, but not what I have in mind.

Yup! An all in one. A program, nutrition info, a log book, some great articles, a squat tutorial, etc.


Mass made simple was my intro to Dan John’s writing and it changed my perspective on training. He’s in the unique position of coaching field event athletes at a high level. So much of that stuff translates to real performance over “fluffy” muscle.

Easy Strength Omnibook ought to be mandatory reading for anyone seriously interested in the philosophy and science behind training.

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Wait what…. Mountaindog died??? I had no idea…

Nearly 3 years ago now

There are a lot of people here who post, who are experienced, who use different programs to train. Your scans mean nothing to an old history major. I would also be remiss to tell you what program would work best for you. I have been willing to give everything a go: HIT, Super Slow, Louis Simmons, more sets than I could count (or would count) in a workout, I was a skinny guy for decades, what did work for me was the Nautilus circuit from The Nautilus Book which I have typed before. But the best advice I can probably give you comes from Dave Draper (I believe): Just Lift.
Get caught up less in programs and and focus more on getting to the gym (wherever it may be) and lift. I prefer shorter workouts now I am older, and recovery is an issue. HIT (in many of its ideations) has worked for me over the years. Should you do conditioning work (skipping rope, assault bikes, swinging those %$^#ing kettlebells)? You decide.
We have all arrived where we are with help, but bottom line, you are the ultimate decision maker.


Not to be confused with Easy Strength. I’ve read most of both, and they’re very different books.


I agree with everything you wrote here. My first real deep dive into Dan John was “Never Let Go”, which was a fantastic way to really get inside his head. I picked it up for kindle right before going on a cruise with the Mrs, and annoyed her with how I was ALWAYS reading it the whole time we were there, haha. Dan’s weekly podcast is also pure gold: fantastic signal-to-noise ratio.

Have you read his Easy Strength for Fat Loss omnibook? It’s another great collection of his thoughts.

He stated on his podcast a couple weeks ago he has a new book coming out soon too.