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Recommend Me a Barbell


My crappy sports authority barbell has finally taken a dump on me so I am looking for another barbell, however since i do not have any experience with a good barbell i don't know whats good. I work out at home and there are a few things that i want in the bar. I would like center knurling and would also like for it to be as aggressive as possible, it must also be Olympic style obviously, and my budget is about $300 max.

What is the best bar i can get for that price? I have looked at Rougue Fitness and I am interested in their Econ Westside Power bar and i am leaning towards that but I would like some opinions first.


I have not purchased any equipment yet since I still work out in commercial gyms but look into ELTFTS I've heard good things about them. Also don't limit yourself to a $ amount buy nice don't buy twice.


Im looking for a new bar myself. Currently using a york chrome bar at home. Can't recommend the brands i am looking at by experience because i haven't touched them yet, but look at the Pendlay Nexgen bar. Bearings are best but they have a cheaper bushing bar too. Rogue has some good bars. I don't like the chrome bars because they don't feel secure on my back in heavy squats. My gym uses raw steel bars and they feel great in your hands and have a secure grip on you back.

My current bar has light knurling and it is made slicker by the chrome finish. Be cautious about getting aggressive knurling. I have used them and don't like them, and it really isn't necessary for a typical gym rat. I hear that some PL's like it though, but I think the feel of a bar with a medium knurl. Better to try out an aggressive knurl before you buy it. if you can't try out a bar with aggressive knurling, i would think long and hard about it.

Consider no center knurling if you do high pulls or other explosive lifts that can bring the center of the bar in contact with your body. Lots of people like center knurl for squats but a good raw steel bar will not slide off your shoulders with or without center knurling. I think a smooth center bar is more versatile.

My 2 cents.


The Pendlay nexgen bar does not have center knurling and is also out of my price range. I also found the Burgener .


Texas power bar. At 350 dollars, you can't go wrong.


Which one? i see very many versions online. Are you referring to the Troy AOB-2000B ?


I only know of one texas power bar. There is also a squat and deadlift bar, but there is only one power bar.


The Texas Power Bar that is sold by elitefts and Troy and probably others is actually made by Buddy Capps welding.

If you do a google search for "Texas Power Bar by Buddy Capps Welding", the first link should lead you to a site that sells the bar for $300 with free shipping.


go to 'multipurpose bars' section at elitefts


I went with Capps Texas Power bar.


I have a B & R bar from Rogue. I love it. The knurl is awesome and it's got a decent whip and spin to it.


From reading starting strength the little I know about bars is you can't go wrong with a Texas power bar, like someone previously stated


Everyone is always recommending the texas power bar (model AOB-2000) so you can't go wrong with that. I have the AOB-1500 which is good too and about $100 less, its as solid as any bar I've used at a commercial gym.






craigslist special? so much cheap equipment there


Spend the coin on Capp's Texas Power Bar and don't look back. I just made the upgrade from my shitty Dick's bar and now I get what all the screaming was about.


I bought a York bar and I always hated it.