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Recommend Exercises for Obliques


I have way too much lovehandles hanging around there, can anyone recommend me some excellent exercises for the obliques? Pref. without too much load on the back.


Heavy dumbell sidebends. I don't find it necessary to do too much oblique work. They get a lot of work through squats and other compound work. If your lovehandles are excessively big, bodyfat is the culprit. Oblique work won't make much of a visual impact.


You definitely need to hire a personal trainer at 24 hr ftns. It's the only way.


You need to lose body fat if you want to get rid of love handles. You can't spot reduce with exercise.


Thanks guys, V-Diet is coming up for me anyway in a week or two... guess that'll help.


This is the right idea. Unless your obliques are very small or weak (unlikely if you have been lifting properly) you just cannot see them with the amount of bodyfat you are carrying.


Exercising your obliques will only make them larger. It won't get rid of the fat.