Recommend Doctor/Clinic?

i posted before about how I have been on/off TRT for 4 years and have been through defy and endless doctors that have not been able to get me on a stable protocol. I am pretty desperate to find a high-tier doctor/clinic, I did some searching on here and found that Dr. Keith Nichols and Dr. Rob Kominiarek are considered the best, Is that still accurate? I live in orlando but I am willing to travel to hell at this point to find someone that can help me

Dr. Rob Kominiarek is top notch and has my vote, Dr. Rob is known to be an excellent troubleshooter and if he can’t figure it out, no one can.

I love these statements about who is the best, especially when there are no valid means to objectively determine such. I remember when I was still in school, I met someone who told me she was seeing Dr. So and So, who is “one of the top three neurosurgeons in the world.” Think about that for a second.

I asked her how she knew and she just stared at me. Then, being a jerk, I went on to comment that I didn’t see the sports pages that morning and missed the rankings, asking if he was in the top three of the AP, UPI or coaches poll. Or, maybe had the third best won-loss record, in the world?

If you look through these threads, you’ll find the same individuals claiming multiple doctors as the best over various times. Funny how things change.

I honestly think patients need to believe their doctor is the best. They want to have confidence and faith in the doctor treating them. It is almost part of the healing process, part of the treatment. I find it an interesting phenomenon.

Good luck finding the “best doctor” for you.

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I agree @highpull. After making an initial, hopefully good choice of doctors, the slight trick is to continue to have your eyes open.

If it’s concerning an important medical problem, I try to find a doctor that is “top in their field,” and not just via PR:

My wife just had a hip replacement. We located the doctor who 1. Pretty much invented the new, easier technique that has now replacing older techniques; regularly publishes studies and articles in medical journals, BUT, is open to alternatives … e.g., he pushed non-surgical attempts before surgery.

Excellent people often don’t cost more, so why not.

Not saying this is the case for your wife, but sometimes the insurance carrier will require failed conservative treatments before authorizing surgery.

Good point, @highpull

While I understand where you are coming from I have very vast experience dealing with doctors as my life started off with cancer. It is one of the reasons I do not blame my current docs for not being able to help me as I know I am a complex case so this is why I am looking for someone considered top in their field to help. I have learned when it is best to stick with a doctor and let them go through the motions of helping me vs when I can tell they are just running in circles.

Sorry you had to gain “vast experience” under such unfortunate circumstances. Good luck in your hunt to find someone considered in the top of their field.