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Recommend Book on Elimination Diet?


I have several health issues that are leading me to believe I have food allergies or intolerances.

I am looking for a book that lays out an elimination diet for you.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Just get an allergy panel done. Instead of taking months, it will take 10-20 minutes and will be far more definite. I'm pretty sure that just about any GP can do one.


Win. It is more expensive, unless your insurance covers it, but it is by far the better option and will give you rock solid conclusions.


Look up Bernard Jensen, if you still want a book.


This has helped me a lot along the way: http://www.foodintolerancebible.com/


'The Ultramind Solution', is about more than just an elimination diet.

Use it to improve your life or just take bits from it and apply them/boost your knowledge.



I plan on doing this but wanted to go ahead and get started on a diet to correct this. I am hypothyroid, have adrenal fatigue issues (low progesterone and high cortisol), as well as a reversed curve of cortisol am low and pm high. I have read that this points towards food intolerances or allergies.

I have been dealing with this for several months. Armour thyroid and low dosed cortef is not helping much if at all. Even when my dosages have been raised.


Hope my insurance will cover it as I see that it is very expensive.


Thanks. Will do.


I think I saw this book a couple of days ago when I was doing a search on the internet. Will have to give it a go. Thank you very much.