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Recommend Bodybuilding DVDs


I'm interested in bodybuilding DVDs with pros explaining how they train and eat, and their reasoning behind it.

I understand Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates have some of the best ones available.

Are there other good ones? Also, not that this is my main concern but, entertaining DVDs are preferable over deadpan ones.



these are just some videos i like...

a week in the dungeon - dorian trains dugdale...it pretty much made me change the way i trained and become more methodical like yates...Although, I don't train exactly like him...

Kevin Levrone Maryland Muscle Machine - kevin btn presses 405 in the smith...nuff said...

flex wheeler mass construction - classic flex...

Ronnie coleman's first dvd and jay cutler's first dvd(a cut above)....I think these are their best because you learn where they came from as they both had a very different mentality back then...

animal pak's dvds with McGrath - pretty much standard bodybuilding training...good for people to get an idea of how bodybuilders really train

Markus Ruhl's dvds - these are my favorite actually...


What I own:
Dorian Yates - Blood and Guts (expanded edition - has all of his contest footage ever!)
Ronnie Coleman - The Price of Redemption (watch Ronnie at his largest as he waits for his grits to cool)
Kevin Levrone - Maryland Muscle Machine (a bit boring, but seeing Levrone kill it in the gym fires me up)
Jay Cutler - Undisputed (I admit that after last years 2009 Olympia win, I was fired up and bought this one-lol)
1995 Olympia - Yates always said this was his favorite, and it's kinda cool to see the old guard
2009 Olympia - Cutler just brought it and no one can say otherwise
Pumping Iron - A classic that everyone worth his;/her protein powder should own

What I've seen and like:
Marc Dugdale - a week in the dungeon
Layne Norton - Forget the name, but a very cool, educational and inspiring disc (I burned it to my IPOD)



You should get his All Access 2008 when he lost... It's really really good. Put together like a story.


Everyone's going to mention the classics. One I'd recommend is Project Super Heavyweight by Justin Harris.

You get to see two up and coming NPC guys working on improving as opposed to a pro who's already there and just refining. Steve Kucklo is now one of the top SHWs in the country. Justin goes into great detail of his diet philosophies in the second disk and you get to see some pretty hardcore training and very heavy weights being lifted properly.


the Levrone report on youtube


x2 for Project Super Heavyweight.

Another good one is the Raising The Bar series:


Milos Sarcev - Secrets of the Pros is pretty good.

Project Superheavyweight was by far my favorite.


Chris Faildo has a pretty decent video, and he does go into a little detail about why he eats some of the things he does. He also has an interesting way he eats rice.

Of course the ronnie and jay videos are pretty good as well.

Dang it stu, i've long wanted to watch Blood and guts.