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Recommend a Protein Powder


There are so many protein powders on the market for lots of different reasons. I'm looking for a weight gainer whey powder that tastes good. A lot of whey drinks are low in sat. fats, carbs, and sugars.

Those are healthier sometimes, but they usually don't taste as good as sugary drinks with MSG, food coloring, etc. I like drinks that mostly use whey isolates, because I don't taste nearly as much of the bitter chalky taste of protein. They're usually fast digesting shakes though. I need something to give me energy throughout the day.

What would you recommend for a weight gainer that tastes good and takes a long time to digest??? The most important thing for me is getting enough calories and protein, and if I like the taste, I'll drink more of it.


You are posting this on a website that sells high quality protein. You should click the "TMuscle store" tab and decide for yourself.


really... REALLY?

whey isolates dont digest slowly, casein does... anyway

1- buy whey isolates
2- buy EVOO and fiber
3- mix all three together
4- ...drink it?


Biotest makes one of the best protein powders out there. Then there's BSN's Syntha-6, optimum nutrition's - 100% gold whey standard, platinum standard, 100% casein. Ideally you should whey isolates during your pre,during and post and casein or casein+whey at other times of the day, if you're not getting enough protein from food.

Don't go by the weight gain powder claims, they contain mostly sugar so you will gain gain slabs of fat instead of muscle.


Agreed, with the only addendum being EVOO switched out for PB on solely the basis of 'I don't like the taste of Olive Oil'

Now there are NO excuses to waste money on a expensive bucket of protein and sub-optimal fat/carb blend. You can just make you own.


I like most of the protein powders here on TMuscle, but over the last while, i have gotten sick of taking a bunch of different powders, so if i did not do as explained above and buy everything and just mix it all up i would by:

Isomass, which is what i am on currently because it has a ton of everything allready mixed in and is pretty cheap (military gnc= $45.00 for 10 lbs!!!)

happy lifting!