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Recommend a Program That Focuses Mainly on Endurance?


Which also targets the entire body. You might say that I’m a beginner whose looking to put in a lot of work and progress rapidly, and a program that has linear progression would be nice. Thanks in advance.


What kind of endurance you want to achieve? Do you want to be able to do 100 push-ups in a row? 50 bodyweight chin-ups? Run a marathon?


I want my chemicals up and bloodfloow running throughout the entire day.


Meaning what exactly? Do you want to lose fat, be generally healthier, increase your cardiovascular performance or what?


Uhm, cognitive functioning actually and having that high. I don’t get that from strength programs for example nor running.


You are more or less describing the effects of cocaine.


Soooo, any program that can emulate the effects of cocaine :smiley: ?


No, there is not one like that.

Think this through logically; if there was a free way to get high all the time, there would be no drug dealers.


It’s not free, it requires effort. Anyway it was more a joke than anything else. Anywho, is somebody gonna recommend anything at all :confused: Something clear cut and tested like starting strength is, but for endurance.


Endurance of what? This question was asked before but hasn’t received an answer, which is why one has not been provided to you.

For what activity are you wanting to develop more endurance?


Just go for a long jog man, if you’re looking to clear your head and get some endorphins. Easy, you can do it anywhere, and doesn’t require anything but some shoes on your feet.


There is no particular activity, I want aesthetics and hypertrophy with well defined muscles, through building tolerance to exhaustion. Let’s say the endurance of a karate boxer.


You have to understand that this is basically a word salad you have thrown together.

Most would contend that aesthetics IS “hypertrophy with well defined muscles”. You have used it as an additional term, so it begs the question of what ELSE is aesthetics in addition to developing bigger and more defined muscles?

Building tolerance to exhaustion is something we can work with though, but training in a way that does that will not (directly) contribute to your goals. It will help, but you will need to take a more specific path.

A “karate boxer” is not a thing.

From what I have seen, if you want a program that will exhaust you and get you bigger, check out the 5/3/1 “Building the Monolith” template. I cannot link it here, but if you google “Building the Monolith”, you will find it.


Meth with a pinch of pre workout


Try cold showers in the morning.

Whatever routine you decide to use for your "main lifts, " just use calisthenics or bodyweight exercises for your assistance work.

So after bench press, do inverted rows, pushups with your feet elevated and leg raises. Pick a challenging number, like 85 or 100. Then run through those exercises in as few sets, with as little rest as possible. Structure the work however you like, to challenge yourself.

You could go 10 pushups, no rest 10 inverted rows,no rest 10 hanging leg raises, brief rest, then repeat 10 times. Over the course of a couple weeks, try to get the 100 reps in 4 “sets” of 25 “reps” each.

The moves are light and easy, so there is no reason not to push the pace.

Pushups, dips, chinups/Pullups, inverted rows. Use different trips and hand positions.

Back raises, Glute/ham raises, lunges, step ups.

Sit ups, Hanging Leg Raises, flutter kicks, spread eagle situps


Yeah sorry I was hungry like a wolf. I meant karate fighter of course and thanks for the “building the monolith” suggestion but I can barely do 6 dips in one take.


That is a fantastic Duran Duran reference. Kudos.

If the dips are the only thing stopping you, just do push ups instead. That’s only assistance work, it doesn’t take away from the main program. That program will definitely get you what you want.


Loads of good stuff in this thread…


OK and hmm, what about a 5 times per weak program?