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Recommend a Program for a Cut?


Hey guys, currently looking a program to start my cutting. Some background, just came back from a three week holiday and trained 3-4x during that time but it was good as I was recovering from a grade two tear of of my subscapularis/pec. I have been training and its almost fully recovered but definitely not as strong as before. I am coming off of running the ph3 program and previously have tried a test run on the ph3 program while on a calorie deficit however I got too drained from all the volume and eventually re-aggravated an old injury when I dislocated my left shoulder.

Currently I am looking to do a 1-2 month cut and wanted to see if anyone can recommend a 4 day program which focuses on strength and hits the body parts twice a week? I like how ph3 spits out the weights you should do for each workout and if there is anything like that would be awesome. I am pretty good with keeping my calories in check and also will be looking at doing some cardio to get ready for hockey season. TIA!


Train heavy 3 days a week, eat at a slight deficit and cut cals every week if needed. Add in cardio (of your choice) on one day for the first weeks, and 2 days for the following. It is going to come down to what you eat and how you sleep more than what you do in the gym. Compound movements are your friend and weighted walks will go a long way.




It’s funny that when someone posts a full routine and asked for an opinion, you go ‘nup,nup,nup just do 531, SS etc…’

But when someone asks for a specific pre written program you give a very vague, blanket solution to them.

Makes me laugh.


When have I done the second one?

EDIT: Nevermind, I see what you mean. I said what I said to the OP because this is a program for a cut. I’m explaining what to look for in programs. With the other guy, he had no idea how to program so I told him which programs to look at and try so he understands what to do when he does program himself.


Yeah mate, I don’t disagree with you. Just found it humorous that your replies to the different guys could have been swapped and given the OP’s just as good an answer :joy:

Sometimes I have a warped way of looking at things!


Woops i think I just replied to myself… Wtf haha

It was meant for @oldbeancam