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Recommend a PCT for this Cycle?

Hey guys,

First post here, so I’m a complete noob on this website. Been reading some articles on here for a while and decided to become a part of the community. Anyways, with that out of the way, my question is about the roids.

I’m looking into starting my very first cycle. Test e or c only with some clomid or nolvadex pct. I don’t know how much and I don’t know if I should do anything else for pct. I really don’t want to get gyno, and avoiding penis problems (drive, ED) is of high priority. I’ll be starting the cycle March 1st with 400mg test c per week for 12 weeks. Then 2 weeks off everything, then pct for like 3 weeks.

I am 24 turning 25 in April. I’ve been going to the gym seriously for 2 years now. Gained respectable gains but I am ready to take it a little further. I’m 5’11", just under 200lbs at around 13%. Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

It helps if you propose a pct plan. You pct will most likely be influenced by what you have access to. If you can only get clomid then having someone critique a Nolvadex pct plan is kinda pointless.

Otherwise a plan of 400mgs a week for 12 weeks is ok but some might suggest longer. What do you have access to?

And don’t forget an AI for on cycle estrogen control, again what do you have access to?

I just reread what I wrote and I remembered that I tend to forget that typed text Lacks tone. I wasn’t be sarcastic I just find it difficult to respond without knowing what someone has available to them. So to iterate, when I said what do you have access to, I meant what dosage and tablet count are in the available Nolvadex or clomid packets. It really shouldn’t effect the recommendation but I wouldn’t want to make a plan that requires you buying three packets because two packets falls three tablets short of the proposed plan. That being said I think three weeks is a pretty short pct. 4 weeks is pretty standard. Again what is available?

Also I found the 12 weeks odd because test c is typically at 200mgs a cc and ten CC’s a bottle. So the proposed cycle has you at 2.4 bottles.
I know that a lot of UGL make the test in different concentrations so that’s why I asked about what’s available to you.

For the on cycle ED and gyno issues you shouldn’t have any with a test only cycle provided you use an AI. That stands for aromatase inhibitor. The main three are anastrozole (arimidex), exemestane (aromasin), and letrezole (femara). Femara is heavy duty and there is no reason you need it for your proposed cycle. Read up on the other two. Something to keep in mind is the half life of arimidex is around three days and aromasin is 8-9 hours. That being said the way aromasin works there is no risk of estrogen rebound using it. Look at what is available to you and what your wallet can handle. You should be fine using either AI most people go with arimidex. As far as dosage, which one do you plan to use?