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Recommend a Gym in LA Please


Hi guys,
I just moved to LA a couple months ago for work. Basically, most gyms here are pretty shitty.

I ended up just joining 24 Hour Fitness on Sunset and Ivar (at the Arclight), but I really don't like it. (2 shitty squat racks for such a big gym that is ALWAYS crowded??? Doesn't make sense!) Many other issues that I have with the place.

Can someone recommend a good gym that a LA newbie like myself might be missing out on? I'm not looking to spend $130 Equinox prices here, but for a good place I will gladly spend more than the $30/month I pay to 24 HF.

and what do I consider a good gym? Basically a place that I can deadlift heavy and not get in trouble for it. Somewhere Olympic lifts are allowed (Bumper plates would be a plus, but I guess not necessary). Heavy dumbbells (24 HF does actually have them going up to 130 I think, which is surprising), somewhere that doesn't get absolutely packed, but that may be asking for too much. etc...

I know the simple answer will be, "build your own gym at home!" This is impossible at the moment, but will be happening in a couple of years.

Thanks everyone, appreciate the help


i wanna live in cali


Unfortunately, things are pretty fu-fu here, very soft people especially where you are in the city. You are located in “the city”, which is the main financial district. You are in the land of the stuck up and snobby, where you have Santa Monica to the west, Beverly Hills to the east. You’re fucked. Equinox in West Hollywood like you mentioned might work, but it’s pricy as hell, and it’s gay central.

I don’t mean kinda gay, I mean REALLY gay. There is a gay parade every year in that city. If you don’t mind the gays then you are ok. Otherwise you could go to Crunch Gym on Sunset and Fairfax, parking and traffic are HORRIBLE though. It’s also a soft gym where you will be around Abercrombie models and those types.


I’ve trained over at the Equinox a bit. It’s actually not the worst. Better than 24 HF. As for the gay thing… it’s like anyone else, they don’t bother me, I won’t bother them. Plus Fabio trains there! That almost makes the $130 a month worth it, ha

also, no gym gayer than the 24 HF in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd. WAY more than Equinox.

I haven’t checked out that Crunch. I usually go to the Trader Joes there and keep meaning to check out Crunch there.