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Recommend a good all-purpose kitchen knife!

Well I just have one knife that I use for everything, I don’t need all the fancy fillet and paring knives and all those. But my current knife is a cheapo $10 knife from the grocery store so it has worn down pretty quickly. (Wasn’t sharp to begin with). I’d like to get one solid knife that stays sharp and is dishwasher safe. Anybody have any suggestions? Many thanks.

Personally, I use Global knives. But any forged 8" chef knife will work, if you don’t mind spending 60-80 bucks get a Henkel, WT, or Global. There are also other brands that carry an 8" forged chef knife that will carry an edge better that stamped knives. And since you will probably put less usage on it at home then in a production kitchen it will hold the edge even longer.



This is the type of question that should be posted in the Off Topic forum.

I am not a chef or anything of the sorts. For a Xmas present last year I rec’s 4 Henkel steak knives ($20). Man they work great. My girlfriend and I have both almost lopped off fingers. Never had anything work so well. Definitely worth the money. If you can afford real Henkel knives I’m sure they would be worth it.

I use a cutco table knife for everything. Cutco.com, 25bux, if it dulls (unlikely for quite awhile),i think u can get it sharpened free (minus shipping)

Thank you for the suggestions gentlemen, I will check those brands out. Especially thanks Renegade Chef for sharing your kitchen knowledge, it’s been a tremendous help, I will look for a forged knife. NycMan I wasn’t sure, I think it’s kinda a gray area, the first thing I thought about was nutrition with this topic, so you could really put it here on in Off Topic, and it would go well in either one.

I love my Wustoff classics.

To put a knife in the dishwasher is not that good for the edge.
In a dishwasher it?s allway small parts of food which will blunt the edge a little every time, I put allmost all of my kitshenutensils in the dishwasher exept my kitchen knifes. It`s not that hard to handwash one or two knifes.

definatly a k-bar. for sure. i use it to shave. argggh

My favorite topic, knives. Judging from your post, you want a knife that requires little maintenance. If that is the case, then some type of serrated blade is the way to go. We have a set of “Henckel Eversharp” knives that are perfect for someone who does not want to bother with sharpening or using a steel. But if you are looking for a real knife, then you need to go with the High Carbon forged steel. If you spend around 60-100 dollars, you can get into a nice Henckel, Wustof Trident, or Forschner. A 9" Wustof is my workhorse in the kitchen (I prefer my Japanese knives, but they are expensive, and theft is always an issue in the kitchen) but for most people the 8" is a good choice. Brand is more a matter of personal choice, and all the top brands are good. Just make sure you try them out, to see how they feel in you hand.

I personally reccommend going with Japanese knives. Nothing beats them as far as balance, sharpness and holding an edge. Even the mass produced brands such as Global and Mac are good quality knives. I personally use a brand called Sugimoto, but you can only get them in Japan and are not cheap. Check out this site for Japanese knives: