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Recommend a Diet Program?


Ok, so here is what i'm gonna do. Right now i'm about 190ish and 15%bf. What i'm gonna do is for the next 3 weeks go up to about 200lbs, at around 15-16%bf. And after that go on a cut. I'm looking at getting down to about 10%. My 2 questions are this.

1.)Can you recommend a training/diet (specifically diet) program from this site that you think works very effectively (preferrably that you've tried). I've done the serious cut thing but not too successfuly, and am looking to do it right.

2.) how long would you say it would take to get down to about 10%bf.



You're gonna gain 10 lbs in 3 weeks and none will be fat. OK

Then your plan is to knock off 5% of your bodyfat. Then why put on 10 freakin' lbs?

Or is your plan to maintain that 200lbs and just drop the bodyfat? Yet, you don't have any plan of attack on how to achieve this. You have tried to cut in the past without much success, so you want others to supply a plan.

I don't know.


umm yeah, 10 lbs of pure muscle in 3 weeks ain't happenin. Unless you plan on packing some burger patties in your pockets when hopping on the scale.


First of all I said 190ish, i'm between 190-195 most of the time. I'm planning on packing on a few lbs of muscle and a few of fat. How do you figure that I'm gonna gain 10lbs of muscle.

Even if I did gain 10 lbs and remained at the same body fat that I intended I would have to add muscle/fat in the same ration i'm currently at in order to maintain body fat levels, it's basic math.

I'm really looking at about 5lbs of muscle and 3-5lbs of fat. Which I can do believe me. Gettin to those stats from where I am has been easy before, it's goin over 200 thats hard. Thats why i'm gonna get there, cut, then go back up again to 200 but leaner (hopefully) and perhaps onward to 210.

I'm young and gain muscle pretty easily.

SO, can ANYONE recommend a diet program?




According to your original post. That's where you said you were going to gain about 10lbs, but add no fat or maybe 1%. You do the math wizard. That's like 8.5lbs of lean mass and 1-1.5lbs of fat.

I see now 190ish means whatever you would like, but I still say ---bs---

Now you're just gonna put on 5lbs of muscle in 3 weeks. That ain't gonna happen,ok. Got it.

For any plan to have success it has to be based in reality. Yours is not. Why would anyone respond seriously to a question that has no basis in reality. You're actually quite lucky I chose to respond and let you know how ridiculous you sound and allow you to rethink your idea and present one based on somewhat factual information.

Or how about this. Seeing as you'll have to consume about 1500-2000 calories a day more to pack on 10 lbs of almost solid muscle in 3 weeks why not just buy some gainer crap and eat until you almost puke.

Now, go to the gym and workout until you almost puke. It's easy--just like you said it is.


Ok, I truly understand where you are coming from because I would have the same idea as you bs. But there are other factors playing into this. these being

New training program
massively increased caloric intake
and part muscle memory, I have been this weight not long ago, dropped to 190 due to a minor cut (not so succesful and am basically trying to get back there. I want to get to 200 again and diet.

I'm just turning 19 and gain weight and muscle very easily, just not so much after 200, it gets harder. Now like I said i'm lookin at about 5 lbs of lbm, which I think is possible, not probable. In reality I'll be happy with 3 lbs of muscle. I'll gauge my progress.

And just so you know I've clean bulked almost 4lbs of muscle in 6 weeks with maybe a lb of fat.

So instead of coming on here and being a fuckin asshole and bullshitting my thread maybe you would like to ADDRESS my key concern and recommend a diet from the site?



First, it's gonna depend on your level of mitovation and commitment... something only YOU know. You're not a complete newbie to the weight game, so you have a few options.

  1. Velocity Diet. VERY HARD, VERY EFFECTIVE. To get down to 10% you'd probably have to stay on it for 2 months, which is probably impossible for a mere mortal. HOWEVER...you may want to do it for three weeks to "kick start" your fat loss, then increase calories but keep several key Velocity ingredients: (lots of Metabolic Drive, HOT-ROX, three full-body weight training sessions a week, and hour-long daily walks).

  2. A temporal carb-cycling approach. Easier to stick to, but it will take longer to reach your goal.

Run a search for CT's "Beast Evolves" article from a few years back...it's great stuff.

Also, make sure what ever plan you choose: drop starchy carbs, never cheat (a psychological killer), increase protein, increase water, eat fish more often, and take long walks almost every day (to the grocery store for example).

You can do it, it will just take time and dedication. The punk nay-sayers who tell you it's impossible are just keyboard jockies hyping their own egos. It is absolutely possible... if YOU want it enough.


If you've tried to cut before, but not successfully, what makes you think you will do it this time?

My advice is not to gain weight so fast. Do it gradually, so you minimize the fat gain.

Read and follow Dr. Berardi's suggestions. Do a search.