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Recommedations on a Multivitamin


Any recommedations on the type, brand, or what to look for in one?


Don't know your age, but I read in a Men's Health article a couple of years ago that people of all ages should take the "silver" version of vitamins because we can all use the kinds and amounts in the formulas. There are people who say we pee it all out quickly so it's a waste of time but I take them.


there was a thread on this last month. do a searsh.


I think you can't get more complete than Animal Pak. 11 pills in one serving!




I like Irwin Naturals Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi Caps.


Pure Encapsulations. Without iron, preferably. You probably don't need the full dose (six pills), so it's pretty versatile.


This. Or Alpha Base without iron by Orthomolecular.