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Recomended? What Works for You?


Hey guys, i have been looking around this bodybuilding forum trying to find out what all works for you guys. I never really done a "bodybuilding" routine before, i stick more to powerlifting, yes i said that "p" word. (lol) But im looking to add some more mass and just change things up.

Is there any programs out there you guys really like, or do you just find what your body likes best? Il appreciate any information,


the '360 muscle' concept has really let me gain a good chunck of mass


See Jim Wendler's new article


change your rep scheme.


Thank you guys, a little background here. For a while ive done westside barbell. The past 2 weeks ive done 8x8 i read an article about and just wanted to try it. I feel like higher reps kills my strength though. How do you guys keep strength numbers up, i know my numbers may fall some but i dont want to lose 30-50lbs on my lifts.


German Volume training


8x8 is A LOT of volume if you're talking one exercise.. more like 3-4x8 or reverse pyramid with 12x9x6x6


Dorian Yates style of training is my influence. Doing one working set to total failure works best for me. I hit each bodypart once every 9 or 10 days.


Look up C_C threads, like these:


He's very much into "power-building" type stuff

A good way of doing what you want is to do your usually big lifts powerlifting style (reps/set and setup etc), then do 2-3 "bodybuilding" style exercises for the same bodypart afterwards. Main difference on the bodybuilding style will be slowing the negatives down (really good control/tension and no bouncing), and the setup (e.g. elbows flared for chest movements, or ROM altered for back movements).

BTW, as mentioned, bodybuilding doesn't have to = extreme increase in volume like 8x8.


yes 8x8 is a lot! Vince Geranda(spelling?) came up with it. I did think about German V.T. but its 10x10 so im pretty sure that a little much for me maybe. I read Wendlers new article, and I really like the sound and looks of it. Has any of you guys done it and noticed some differences/gains?