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Recomended Hypertrophy Program (M.M.B.or 2B)

Coach, wich hypertrophy program do you think would be better to an 1B guy?

  • Maximum muscle blueprint?
  • New Neurotype 2B Program?

Thank you.

I’m not gonna lie, both are very similar because 2Bs respond best to pure bodybuilding work. Both use a very similar structure. If you are truly a 1B guy, but looking to gain more size, I would suggest the 2A plan, which is really a combination of the 1B and 2B plans.

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If I can ask. What are the major differences between Jacked Athlete 31 and the 1B program? I’ve been looking for something to build explosive power for MMA. I tried Jacked 31 but between that and my fight training I was having serious recovery problems.

Well, understand that all of the plans on my website are designed for people who do not engage in other serious training modalities. That having been said, the 1B plan is doable if you drop the assistance/bodybuilding work from the plan.


Could you add extra sprints/jumps to the training days and sport specific skills training a few times per week or is that already too much?

That’s fair. You say it CAN work. Does that mean this is your recommendation or would I be better off with alternatives?

If you’ve had serious recovery problems maybe it’d be a good idea to revisit this post?

Add to something that you will be able to recover from, as to not stagnate in your sport-specific or sport-supporting training. Or worse, get injured so you can’t do either for a while.

That’s what I’d do myself if I decided that the sport I engage in was the first priority rather than the second.


Well, the best option would be a plan built around the fighting training. But I don’t have that at the moment.

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Do you have any recommendations? Maybe a coach you respect? I’m having trouble finding any good programs.

If you’re interested in S&C for MMA, I can give you a name and a book worth tracking down with some programming ideas.

I’ll post it in the Combat section and name check you if you want to follow up on it.

Good luck!

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@burien_top_team thanks! I really appreciate it