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Recombinant HCG?


Has anyone found a source for recombinant (rather than urine derived - as to why, see here: ( http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/hcg_prions ) HCG?

Is Ovidrel the only option? Anyone using it?




What does "This Hub has been set to Private" mean? That's where your link takes us.

10ml of 10,000 of gonadotropina corionica is available legally in select pet supply stores in Mexico for about 40-50US. You'll have to guess what it's made from, though.


LOL...sorry. Fixed it.


I'm glad that somebody is asking this question!


Here's an excellent article: http://gaia-health.com/articles101/000132-Vaccines-Prions-Genetic-Modification-Mad-Cows-and-You.shtml It's from two years ago, and seems to be ahead of Wikipedia in some respects.

Scary stuff! Let us know what you find.


I'm frankly amazed that more people aren't talking about this.

The thing to do is to get recombinant HCG - unfortunately, it's rediculously overpriced.

I spoke with this company ( http://www.adventbio.com/recombinant-hcg-whole.html ) - but they aren't liscenced to sell it to humans. They laughed, however, when I told them how much it is if you're buying it for human use.

There's a fairly large market out there - especially when one considers the people using hcg for "dieting" purposes; hopefully, some company will tap into this market and the price will come down.


Stick with the basics which is known to work..
Alldayhchemist is the place where I have Dr's send people for HCG and never had a problem yet
Paying 160 bucks for a month supply is rediculous


How do you know whether you've "had a problem yet"???? You simply don't Hans.

Prions can lie dormant for many, many years before disease strikes.


At my local Wal-Mart Ovidrel 250ug (microgram) syringe should be diluted, but I can't remember if the 250ug is equiv to 5000 or 10,000 IU. I think its 5000IU which would make it last two months if you inject 250IU 3x/week. They charge $78 for one syringe so that breaks down to $39/month. That is what I will use when I get started.

Any opinions?


In my opinion you're OT, CactusBeats. It doesn't matter how much you dilute it. It's still the same IUs.

This prion thing has me worried, but something here doesn't make sense: If a prion is just a broken protein, what makes recombinant HCG any less dangerous than human extracts? Don't they all break into undefined fragments during storage anyway?


I understand its still the same IU's no matter how much its diluted, but the dilution is important because you want the hCG at the same concentration as all other normally concentrated hCG. That's bc you have to know what volume to put into the syringe where its measured, i.e. how many IU's per cc?

A prion isn't just a broken protein. Its misshapen and folded back onto itself in a very unnatural way.


Wikipedia says: The correct three-dimensional structure [of a protein] is essential to function, although some parts of functional proteins may remain unfolded. Failure to fold into native structure produces inactive proteins that are usually toxic. Several neurodegenerative and other diseases are believed to result from the accumulation of amyloid fibrills formed by misfolded proteins. Many allergies are caused by the folding of the proteins, for the immune system does not produce antibodies for certain protein structures.

Same question: Is there something about recombinant HCG that makes it less dangerous in this respect than human (or possibly animal) extracts?