Recognize this Lat Pulldown Machine Brand?

Hey guys,

Do any of you recognize the brand of the lat pulldown machine? I’m looking at buying this one, but want to make sure it actually is commercial quality like the seller says.

Do pullups.

[quote]Crzy_eght wrote:
Do pullups.[/quote]

[quote]Crzy_eght wrote:
Do pullups.[/quote]

How about you stop posting?

[quote]Crzy_eght wrote:
Do pullups.[/quote]

Two posts in and already being a shit disturber…congrats

Ya, I think it is from New York Barbell. They have a website do a google search.

[quote]Crzy_eght wrote:
Do pullups.[/quote]

Brilliant advice. I can even take it one step further and also add in a triceps pulldown in mid-air while doing those pull ups.

I already do pullups, genius. People use these machines for all kinds of shit.

Op, your the BBQ master, i’m sure you’ll find a way to train AND cook with it lol. It does have a double pully system so the manufacturer put some engineering into it. No idea what brand though.

I don’t know what you think “commercial quality” is.

Questions in my mind:
-Can that seat be adjusted?
-Is it friction-laden?

If by ‘commercial quality’, you mean would it be used in commercial gyms, then no, it is not. But it’s probably good enough for home use.

do you have any better picture of it.

Looks like a PARABODY machine to me. Definately not gym quality, but would certainly do the trick for tricep work.


X2 on Parabody. A friend of mine has a very similar model in his gym. Heavier steel tubing than a standard home gym model.