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Reclaiming College FB Strength at 40

our indicator will b a 365 X 5 Power Clean with straps

I will post vids & pics & such

Please ask questions, throw insults, cheer, or whatever else you think is appropriate

This Log has a multi-pronged purpose

1 - For Fun
2 - To motivate others
3 - Give people a perspective on training they might not otherwise be exposed to
4 - Hold myself accountable
5 - Just to see where it goes
6 - To show a couple vets on here that I have more than “Internet Game”

My birfday is Jan 16, so I will give myself 6 months from that day, June 16th 2012 to accomplish the goal of 365 X 5 on “college football style powerclean using straps without compromising my spine (too much)”

I will take the first cpl vids tomorrow @ 6 a.m. - it always takes a little while to post vids as the connection speed @ our training center blows

Looking forward to this, bud. A 365 powerclean, no matter what you weigh, is a monster. Good luck.

getting under the squat bar after a little time off for bad behavior

here is the way i figure it

I have a lot of work to do… I am going to dedicate my effort to my wife 1st, kids 2nd, clients 3rd

goin to run eggs/salad/ground beef/salad/ground beef/salad/shake/fish or steak w/broccoli - every day for a couple months

I have got to get an upper body again - I will obsess on the overhead press as my non-shirt extreme bench days are too risky - probably use isometrics for my primary pec strength indicator

Going to blow up upper back prison style - 20 plus chins minimum - with a ton of rear delts

while I am making this run I will also close the #3 COC with both hands…

yes GHR & jumping to supplement squat

call whatever the exercise below what you want… gotta hit 600 with the same speed as shown - my litmus test on my outcome if you will is a 365X5 powerclean - must create some sweet bar speed as i don’t plan on dropping under it too deep

another clip from morning 1

last clip from morning… I am going to hit these pretty hard because I am not very good @ them yet

I’ll be keeping an eye on this log. Best of luck with your goals. Should be interesting.


believe it or not I am a touch sore tody

Sunday Night, 10-9

Shoulder press from top of head in rack, 5 setts of 225, 4,5,6,8,8

Standing dumbell press, X8 50,60,70,80

Shoulder Press Lock Out from 3" above head, 225, 295, 315, 315

3 sets of battling rope press from end, 60 foot rope, 3 sets 8-12 reps

tues - 10-11

Back Circuit - dumbell rows on incline bench>standing lat rows to front>single arm dumbell row, 8-15 reps each

Smith machine upper back rows>seated rows wide - 15 reps each 4 x through

Rack pulls 4" below knees, 315x5, 405x5, 495x2, 585x1, 605x2

Lets see how much fat I can get off this back

Sat 10-15

squats worked up to 605X3, felt a lot stronger than last week, thinking 635 X3 next sat… maybe 4

4" below knee rack pulls close stance 585, missed 655, got 615 (kind of sad #'s but it will start moving up pretty soon)

narrow sumo stance, 585, 655, 675

upper back & shoulder therapy mon

tues off, cns felt like puke

2 triceps sessions yesterday, 2nd session with some hammer curls

today’s session

heavy barbell press from top of head, looking ti hit 350 for a couple singles

moderate heavy dumbell ovrhead press 6-8 reps

free flow on chest, I’ll post back with actual #'s

Half head of lettuce
Full head of broccoli
Huge serving of green beans
16 oz strip steak
Half banana smashed up with 4 oz. Of cream
3 oz. Natural peanut butter

I better move some steel tomorrow!

Sat 10-22-11

Planned on hitting635x3 squats, misloaded the bar to 651 & got 2 reps… I’ll take it!

switched to pulls off of blocks instead of off rack… all close stance, 635 felt real nice, 675 not bad

Monday 10-24-11

gunna hit some heavy shoulder press lock outs combined with heavy shrugs, follow it up with some shoulder rotational work & some bi&tri pumping(very important stuff!)

Tues 10-25-11

Upper back High Volume Fest, I’ll map out a plan of attack tonight

did anyone read that Serge Nubret would eat between 6 & 8 pounds of meat in a day!!??

nothing too exciting to report… I’ll load a couple vids of my pulls off blocks the last 2 saturdays

back up to a bit over 700 on these pulls… one of my trainers encouraged me to try concentric only & I kind of like it… does seem like I heal significantly faster

squated 661 yesterday… prolly should of hit 2 reps but racked it after 1… It feels like I need to pull back for a week on my squatting… I am thinking about hitting 3 squat sessions this week… varying reps (1-4) with 500 lbs or so, in preparation to hit a 675 double on 11-19, after that may attack some more volume on my squats for a few weeks… we’ll see

actually practiced some cleans this week… no real weight… just “greasing the groove”

having some fun with my mid-week workouts, did some insane volume on delts this week, literally hit 40 plus sets of almost any delt exercise you can think of

pull 1

pull 2

pull 3 (buddy bet me i would miss)

You are pretty strong, do you follow any program? I would appreciate if you posted your split and so on.

Sat -
Heavy Squat Heavy Pull as often as possible, when I start to feel fried I pull back a bit & either switch exercises all together, hit lower % for speed, sometimes weighted isometrics for squats - Right now pushing to make Big Gains

every few weeks I will hit multiple squat workouts(this week being one, I might do a quick separate squat workout or just warm up with squats for my main workout

Mon or tues -

Upper Back & rear Delts, I have a little biceps tweek I am still nursing, pretty soon I will pretty much exclusivly replace all lat rows with chins or bodyweight variations - lots of different grips - my best is 26 reps overhand, 28 underhand… So when that heals up sufficiently, chins & dumbell movements for upper back

Tues or Wed/ or Tues & Thrs

Pressing day, Military press from top of head is my main movement right now, I am prgressing somewhat on dumbell press, progressing too fast on dumbell press seems to annoy my elbows so I proceed steady when making a run on dumbell strength overhead - now… I will occasionally split my shoulder into 2 days, when I do that one day is purely heavy military ith a small amount of rehab work, the other dumbell oriented with raise & rotational work

Arms - i just kind of throw in when I feel like it (I used to have some nasty jacks so they tend to swell up pretty fast - after looking at Kevin Levrone’s physique I may give some dedicated triceps training a good push too.)

Chest - I try to do some deep push up holds every week - i will also throw some dumbell presses from varying angles in alternating between shoulder workouts & upper back workouts

Hamstrings - I will throw some GHR work in with at least one workout a week also

NOTE: if I was pursuing a big bench the workouts would look significantly different

NOTE 2: I really like to train… so sometimes I just do stuff too… may just front squat, jump, reverse hyper or make something up occasionally too

If you want to replicate a reasonable sequence here is what I would suggest

1 day - Squat & Deads

heavy squat, make gains until you need a break (Louie Smmons likes 3 week rides, then switching up, I have personally made gains for 6 weeks continous in the past - but make sure you are progressing somehow as you chart your results)

Deads- - I like off blocks or rack with a 3 week off the floor peak every couple months - i suggest deads & squats on the same day for CNS recovery purposes

1 day upper back & rear delts

2 days pressing - one “heavy” one “speed” if you are a bencher

1 day arms - on back day or pressing day is fine

1 day Hamstring work - can be done on any day

weeks that you are pulling back on squat I advocate multiple squat workouts at % that allows you to attck & move weight with great speed

hope that helps… ask specific question if you like

Back for some new big #'s tomorrow

Fueld up with a rockin breakfast today… 2 bananas/4 oz. Heavy Cream/ 4 oz. Natural Peanut Butter - mashed up like paste… 2 protein pancakes… 80 grams Whey Protein… 1/4 uncooked seet potato

got plenty of good food for rest of day… will post vids of some lifts tomorrow