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Reckless Oral Use, No PCT, Feel No Different. Too Late to PCT?


Before I post specifics, I know I made some very stupid and ignorant choices. I don’t plan on using steroids again at this point, I just hope I didn’t screw up too badly here.

What I used:
50-150mg anadrol for a couple 3-5 week spurts in the spring/summer of 2015
10-40mg (srs) superdrol for a couple 3-4 week spurts in the summer/fall of 2015
No pct.
Then 25-50mg dbol for about six weeks in February and March of 2016.
Again no pct but I did use adex during this time.

Oddly enough, I had no gyno until a month or so after stopping the superdrol. The dbol increased the size of it but using adex controlled it somewhat. Still have a medium sized lump under one nipple. Aside from that, side effects were minimal and I feel no discernible differences as of now. I’m still worried that I screwed myself up by not going through proper PCT, and by only using orals, though.

Should I do a short PCT now just to be sure my hormones are back on track? Been dealing with benzodiazepine withdrawal for the past year and anything I can fix would help me out tremendously.

Thanks in advance for any responses. I know I screwed up, I’m young and stupid, no excuse for it.


you should get bloodwork to see what your hormones are like. How can anyone give you any sort of advice without knowing where you’re starting from? That seems insane to me.

Anyway, the short answer is no, an standard pct probably does not make any sense right now. There are things that can be done to improve your hormonal profile, but again, if we don’t know if anything is wrong, it would be senseless to advise you in such a way.


Thanks for the reply. How do I go about getting bloodwork? Is there a way to go about it without blatantly telling my doctor that I used steroids?


how much do you weigh?


Though I don’t see how this is relevant, I was in the 160s at the time. I had no business using steroids, that’s for sure.


you have no idea how weight is relevant …and you took all those orals?

any side effects while on the orals? and what are these “spurts” you are referring too ?? i dont understand.

Naturally good superdrol and anandrol is felt fast and potent stuff, if you had low sides it could have been the superdrol and anandrol was something else, real superdrol will make you feel like you are hungover shortly after taking it and the back pumps are very painful and i heard the same for anandrol.


Yes, I’m honestly quite uninformed and made stupid decisions. Does hormonal recovery differ for someone smaller like me?

By “spurts” I meant I used for 3-4 weeks, then stopped for a short time (probably around a month), then used again for 3-4 weeks. Sorry for not being clear.

I can certainly believe that they weren’t what they were labelled. Or were at the very least very under dosed. My strength did increase while taking them, and I held noticeable water weight as well. It could be that everything I took was actually dbol (or something else).


150mg anadrol a day , i know several 500lbs benchers who start at 25 and work up to 50mg for a while, hard to train when you have a massive blood pressure headache.
Get blood work, if you are young your doc night try clomid to get you back up, one of the reasons i am on lifetime trt for life is i took , all those epistane, superdrol, prohormones with no pct.
I went from going out and trying to get laid on the weekend ,to looking forward to a hot bath and watching the new Twilight movie On Saturday night .


This has absolutely nothing to do with his question and you’re not helping.

OP, check out PrivateMDlabs online, they can do bloodwork for a decent price without getting insurance or doctors involved. As flipcollar said, we can’t tell you anything without bloodwork.


You can order blood panels through Life Extension. They will send you a form and you just go get your blood drawn at LabCorp and they send it off for you. It can be expensive this way, because you are paying straight out of your pocket, but it is an option if your doctor won’t get one for you (or if you just don’t want to go through your doctor).

EDIT: Damn, sorry didn’t read your post BlackLabel. Same thing. Wasn’t trying to repeat you man.


@strongmanjoe will do , thanks for the reply

@BlackLabel and @Evolv Thanks for the info. I will look into what both of you said and get bloods done.

I really appreciate the help guys.


he’s right dude. Weight doesn’t have a damn thing to do with determining how to proceed. He already said he’s done with steroids.

OP, as others suggested, the online sites are the best way to go about getting bloodwork. Assuming you’re in the US, it’s easy and relatively inexpensive. Around 100 bucks for a full panel. I recommend the comprehenesive female hormone panel, because of the particular tests involved. It’s more useful than the male one. i use privatemdlabs as well. When you get results, post them here and we can advise.


Thanks again for the clarification. Will post results when I get them.


50mg for someone that weighs 220+ lb is different than for someone who weighs 130 lb, see where im getting at? I am not going to be nice and just say nice stuff, if you take this shit without knowing what it does you deserve getting rekt in comments, grow some balls. Additionally sure his orals were fake, i never heard of anyone taking 100mg+ of anandrol and superdrol and “not feeling anything” that is like me taking 2grams of tren per week and “not feeling it”


Yeah your anadrol was probably fake, probably just some cheap methyl test, with just enough stuff to shut you down
Btw a freind of mine who weighed 300 plus and set numerous world records only took 25mg anadrol daily, otherwise he would get nosebleeds and headaches.


Thats a ton of Anadrol per day… and minimal sides… That does not sound right at all. You probably got some bunk gear man.


DUDE. Are you not even reading the question? Please explain to me how he should proceed differently if he weighed 220 vs 130, given that he has said all he wants to do is ensure proper hormonal recovery, has not used steroids in months, and does not intend to use them again.


i told him to get bloods done asap. that is only course of action without knowing whats going on, you are not just going to tell someone to start trying stuff without knowing what is wrong.


You are not making any sense. His weight has nothing to do with his current situation.



so you don’t actually need to know his weight. Got it.