Ok, i’ve just had an idea. How about a thread with as many receipes as we can but including the weights of the ingridients as well as the p/c/f breakdown (total and per ingridient if you wish) and the total calories/number of meals you get from it.

Something similar to what’s in from Scrawny to Brawny but for everyone to see!..

If this picks up it could be made sticky?

Ok here is one receipe that i generally split into 4/5 meals:

Food Quantity C/P/F

Rice (brown) 100g 71.6/6.8/2.8
Olive Oil 13.5g (1 tbs) 0/0/6.75
Chicken 600g 0/192/13.2
Birds Eye Cauliflower Peas and Carrots 200g 9.6/4.4/0.8
Loyd Grossman’s, Puttanesca 175g 11.9/3/10.85
Cashew Nuts 100g 30.2/18.2/43.9

Tot 123.3/224.4/78.3
Calories: 2095.5

Loyd Grossman’s Puttanesca is just a pasta sauce by the way. Just thought i’d point that out.