I am finally getting my diet in good order, the only problem is things get old when you are only eating a few different things, I can only take so much chicken. I’m sure some other people have this problem so I figured I would start a thread and see if anyone had some good recipes.
I did not make this one up but I was surprised how good it was with so little effort.
Small can of tomatos w/ hot peppers about 10oz
2-3 small cans/packs of tuna (6-9oz)
heat in microwave for a few minutes till warm/hot
then I like to drain it so you don’t soak the tortilla
wrap in a whole wheat tortilla
hit it with a little hot sauce to taste and its a great post workout meal
filling is only about I think 9 carbs and depending on how much tuna 40-50g protien
If anybody else has some good tasting healthy meals post em up, the easier to prepare the better but anyhting that tastes good, and before anyone says it I know you can’t have it all the time cause of mercury but I am a big guy so this once a week or so aint too bad. Thanks in advance for all the new good eats Ideas

Hey, there, biggie. Thanks for the contribution. If you’re looking for more ideas, do a forum search on “recipes,” without the quotes, of course. You’ll find a veritable wealth of ideas.