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Hey Folks…

I figured I’d start a forum here for people to post some recipes they use. I know I’m always looking for interesting ideas and new things to try.

Here’s one that I use:
I usually eat a salad with grilled chicken for lunch. For dressing I mix 1 TSP. of flax oil, with 1 TSP of some sort of oily salad dressing. It helps dilute the taste of the flax, not to bad…

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Here’s one I’ve been doing lately.

Grab yourself two and a half pounds of extra-lean ground beef from the grocery store. Then roam around and get two cans of beans (plain beans, just beans in water with salt), two cans of sliced olives, two cans of diced tomatoes, and two packets of your favorite taco seasoning. (I use McCormick’s hot taco variety, because I can point to the package and make rude “hot taco” comments to my wife.)

Brown the ground beef and drain the shit out of it. Seriously, squeeze the beef down HARD to get as much fat as possible out of your beef.

Now take everything else and dump it in the pot. Stir, simmer, and grab some when you want. (I like to give it about twenty minutes over low heat. You can just chuck your stuff in and stir, though, and it’s ready to go.)

This is a LOT of food; according to my calculations – using the labels on what I actually bought, counting net carbs only, and subtracting the weight of the fat I squeezed out of the beef – a bowl of this packs a whopping 70 grams of protein and 21 grams of carbs, with less than five grams of fat (most of that coming from the oil in the olives)… and you should get about eight bowls out of it. That’s pretty damn good for about $20 worth of groceries.

My wife and I like to top this off with a pound or so of pineapple for dessert.

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This one’s QUICK, easy, and healthful. I make it almost every morning and take it to work…all done in the microwave.

The raw materials:

  1. frozen chicken breasts (get them in the freezer section in bags of 10)
  2. frozen mixed vegetables

OK, pop as many chicken breasts as you want on a plate (still frozen) and top with some seasoning. Microwave until done…I make 3 and it takes 15-18 minutes depending on size.

Next, pile a mountain of frozen mixed vegetables on a plate and pop 'em in the microwave too…a big plate takes about 5 minutes.

Now grab a few GladWare-type containers and pop a chicken breast and some vegetables in each. I like to add some olive oil too.

There you have it - take it to work in a cooler and you have 3 bodybuilding meals to consume during the day…and it only took 30 minutes of prep time.

If I’m increasing my carb intake, I add a serving or brown rice to each.

Best wishes.