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Recipes Wanted


Well, it's happened.
The wife wants me to do the shopping and some/all of the cooking!

How do I turn this into a WIN?!?!

Im no chief, to me cooking is done in a microwave oven.
Or maybe simmer something on the stove for ten minutes.

Healthful would be good too.....


Here you go.


get Gourmet Nutrition by Berardi



I love this site. Free video recipes that are hard to screw up. . . .




I just got some PDF's and a nutrition seminar.


[quote]Steve8867 wrote:
ninjaboy wrote:
Here you go.

I made the Salmon dish (wife was NOT impressed )
Did you know that foil can burn ???

The olives I got had pits....


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wait.. that was it??? I tune into this thread because Bushy had a post and this is what I read?

oh man... I want my money back.

And STEVE! I have no doubts you multitask all the time. Pretend the stove is your tv set to your favorite sport.


Sexist PIG!
I don't like sports, don't watch, don't bet or where clothes lauding any teams.

THIS is what MAN gets from WOMAN for even trying!!!!


P.S. Stab stab.


Here are two that I use... I'd love to find a good HAM recipe though (as I'm getting sick of eating plain ham), so if anyone has one, please post...

Breakfast Burrito (1 serving):
- 8oz of extra-lean ground beef
- 5 egg whites
- Cajun spice
- Low-Fat soft tortilla wraps

Fry up the ground beef (I like to use a spatula and break it all down into fine chunks). When it's nice and brown, pour in the egg whites. Add a bunch of Cajun spice (depends entirely on how "hot" you like your food). Stir. Fry it all up until it's nice and brown and the Cajun spice is mixed in nicely.

Scoop it all out into as many burritos' as you need - Yum!
If you can't eat it all, put it into a Tupperware container in the fridge for the next day!

BBQ Cajun Turkey/Chicken Breasts:
- Organic Turkey Breasts
- Cajun spice

Get the BBQ good and hot, then turn down the heat to low and add these on (the hot grill will make for nice grill marks like you get in the restaurant). Sprinkle on some Cajun spice (Again depends on how hot you like your food). Cook about 10mins per side (cut into the middle to ensure they're fully cooked). Note: Cooking on a low heat will allow the turkey (or chicken for that matter) to become moist and juicy - Yum!

Another one I used to do, was make waffles, but I'd use egg whites (a crapload) and oatmeal. I'd mix it all up in a giant bowl (and I mean giant as I'm cooking so many of these up it's not funny) and then pour the contents into a waffle iron. I'd make dozens and dozens of these, stick them in the freezer so that in the AM when I got up, I'd put 4 or so into the toaster and heat em' up and whola, instant breakfast in a pinch! Unfortunately I can't remember the quantities, but I know I started with around 8 dozen egg whites and a boatload of oatmeal.


You can lead a horse to water..... :wink:

Yeah, you have to be careful cooking on the grill. You know, you can cook that same dish right in the oven in a corningware dish :wink:

Are you near a place where you can get fresh seafood? Haddock?


I'm not very experienced with the metal fire pit (grunt grunt), I did use corningware....
How do ya clean it after you get it all black like?

I might be able to score some seafood, I want more salmon or tuna.

Is Haddock a fish? =D


Is making Sushi hard??

I'll F'up some sushi and plumb wine!