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Recipes questions

Just wondering if anyone has any good recipes to make for a t-dawg diet. Also a good Advanced Protein mix (i.e. with oatmeal?)

I have two oatmeal recipes for you. The first one came from Timbo…the second from BFL of all places. First, heat a serving of oats in the microwave. Then add a sliced banana, 1-2 scoops Van. Advanced Protein, a little maple extract, five sprays of the I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter spray (calorie-free), a packet of Splenda, and cinnamon. You’ll never find a better oatmeal recipe.

The second is for pancakes. You need a serving of oats, two tbsp. of sugar-free strawberry preserves (I use Smucker's Light), 4 egg whites, a packet of Splenda, cinnamon, and a half scoop of Vanilla Advanced Protein. Blend for 1 minute, then throw on a skillet on med. high heat w. no-stick cook spray. Good stuff!

As for T-Dawg, you can make a pudding substitute (if you don't mind a little saturated fat) by mixing a scoop or two of Vanilla or Choc. Advanced Protein w. some heavy whipping cream and a packet of Spenda. Also, take some string cheese and melt it in the microwave, then put a small amount of light spaghetti sauce on it (if so desired, it's good either way). Ah, the good ol' Bodyopus days...