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Recipes For Surge


Couple supplement questions....

1)Anybody take Cell Tech or EAS Phospowhatchamallcallit Creatine? How do you take it and did you do a loading cycle. I hear loading cycles are bullshit so I just wanted a couple of opinions. (Side Question: Do you really need all that sugar to have creatine work?)

2)How does everybody drink their Surge?
I was thinking of adding creatine, I just want to hear if their is any other recipes out there.

Thanks for any help you can give.



I usually do my post workout Surge-ing with a half scoop of Miracle Greens in it. I'm still not too sure if Creatine works for me, I've never seen a benefit, so I don't take it, even though I have about 5 pounds of it sitting in my cupboard (what can I say, I got 10 pounds of it for 10 bucks a while back...)