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Recipes for Success

I don’t know about you guys but Steve Berardi’s article is definitley gonna help me out. I’m a full-time college student who also works full time as a security guard(good job for school with lots of downtime). I get all my training and nutritional info off this site but when it comes down to preparing food, I just suck. So personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more articles on preparing some bodybuilding type foods. Especially when I start his big bro’s Massive Eating plan. So keep the food articles coming! Oh shit, it’s time to eat.

Yeah, great article. I’m a lousy cook as well. I eat plain ground beef sometimes, that’s how much I suck! I figured out the macros for the Berardi chili, and it’s about 45 g protein, 25 g fat and 9 g carbs per serving. Perfect for massive eating!

that article rocks! Eating enough protein has always seemed kinda complicated and boring. not anymore - now there are no excuses for not eating right :slight_smile: now i just gotta train properly! Can i buy all the stuff mentioned via the internet?
How about a regular nutrition/recepie column ? you could call it “Dawg-food”!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I too would like a regular column for nutriton, which includes recipes. It would help me since getting all my meals in seems to be my biggest flaw. So how about it Shugart? A column for T-man recipes. I sure as hell can use it.

JB has been holding back! Everybody KNOWS I have been looking for good Oatmeal and Cottage Cheese Recipe, and the Godfather had them the whole time! Chris; I agree with the rest of the Gang; a regular nutrition column of some sort with recipes (and macro percentages!) would be GREAT! You guys started it: IT’S THE DIET, STUPID!!! (p.s. NOT "it’s the Sustanon, Finasol, Androsol, Winstrol, D-Bol, etc. etc., stupid…)

OOoopps…did I get the wrong “Berardi Brother?” (Hey; that sounds cool…sort of has the ring of a High Wire Act!!!-:)-!

Yes! Do a regular diet column (plus I’d love to know how to make salmon jerky from canned salmon)

I’d like to vote for a regular column on recipes as well. That was a great article by Steve. The only reservations I have is the suggestion on protein pasta. I checked out the ingredients on a package of one of those “protein-enriched pastas” – the brand was ProSlim. Guess what the number one ingredient was? Soy protein isolate! Yikes! I’ll stick with plain pasta unless there’s a better alternative out there that somebody knows about…

Yes, absolutely … please! Recipe articles… it’s the hardest part for me too.

To compliment this already awesome article I would love to see some really great recipes for those of us trying to shed some poundage on our t-man conquests

How about we suggest titles for the diet column: meals for dawgs? the galloping Berardi
's?, Dinner(lunch, etc) with John and Steve?

instead of dinner and a movie you could say dinner and a workout… well something stupid like that

Yea, I would love to find out how to make the salmon jerky! Please post it if you can.

I hope you guys are kidding about the salmon jerkey! We were…

JB, Steve B., Chris S. & all other T-Staffers: The results are in! The people want it! The weekly column on nutrition and tasty T-Dawg Recipes: “Dawg Food!” Classic! (BTW, great idea, rach!)

I cast another vote for the “Dawg Food” column.

I concur that a semi-regular column on real “Dawg Food” would be incredibly helpful.

Hey, guys! I think I have a more complete name for the new column:

“Dawg Food”: Fine Dining With the Berardi Brothers"!

Whadda 'ya think?

stick with just dawg food

Dawg Food is a great name. Hey B Brothers, you could always ask some of us forum junkies to send in recipies. I might have to fight you though, I already have a chili recipie named “Bodybuilder’s Chili” that I created. :slight_smile: Seriously though, a food column would be very practical for most people.