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Recipes for Oatmeal


Does anyone have any kind of good ideas to mix with oatmeal?? it gets kind of bland eating it plain always...


I cook the oatmeal, then after its done (with excess water) I throw in PB and a scoop of chocolate casein protein; Voila, a Bodybuilding Bowl of Reese's PB Cups!


I'm talking about the stuff that comes in the large tube and it's cheap with no additivies:

In microwave-safe bowl, put these things in this order:

serving of oats
few tablespoons of milled flax seed
frozen mixed berries
sliced up banana
dollop of peanut butter

in a CUP:

mix milk with a scoop of protein powder (try your different flavors... vanilla and chocolate work)

dump this milk and protein powder mixture over your oats mixture and stir. microwave for however long the tube of oats says to microwave for. stir some more and eat.


all natural peanut butter + oatmeal = excellent




My recipe for Patriots Oatmeal:

2 tablespoons Cinnamon
1 teaspoon Salt
2 tablespoons Ground Flax Seed
Small handful of Blueberries
Small handful of Raspberries

It tastes great and has health benefits to match.



this morning i added leucine as well


I throw a dry cup in a blender with a banana, some OJ and a few scoops of strawberry whey and whatever else I have lying around at the time.

Quick and easy 1200+ calories.




I like just mixing it with 2% milk, I think it tastes damn good.


Choco-Strawberry Oat Pancakes!

In a blender, throw:

(I'll give quantities but just experiment, I mix it up each time)

75-100g oats
6 eggs/whites
10g cocoa powder (or to taste)
Handful of red grapes (to sweeten)
Heaps of cinnamon

Blend that up then throw in sliced/diced strawberry (or other berries I guess) and fry the mix in butter (or as of tomorrow, coconut oil for me).

The mixture is quite runny so the pancakes have been coming out quite thin for me which I like as I can stack 'em up.

edit: Oh, and some flax certainly wouldn't go amiss.


I do the exact same thing except I add a tablespoon of olive oil and some raw eggs. I can't stand to sit and eat my oatmeal when I can just blend it for ez consumption.


Oatmeal + Chocolate Metabolic Drive Low Carb = Crazy amazing taste bud combustion with a hint of utopia.


Oatmeal, banana, honey, walnuts. w/PB. w/almonds. w/butter. w/cinnamon. Any or all of the preceding.

Oatmeal w/frozen berries and walnuts.

Uncooked oatmeal in yogurt w/whatever else you like. Uncooked oatmeal w/milk, raisins, nuts.

Oatmeal in whatever smoothie you're having now.

Handful of oatmeal (yes, you have to be a little desperate).

Oatmeal w/yo momma. I mean breakfast with the family.


I mix 2 cups of rolled oats, some diced walnuts, cinnamon and 1/8 cup olive oil in a bowl. Spread it out on a baking sheet and bake on 350 for ten min. I then through in some dried cranberries and that's it. It's not soggy like oatmeal. I also feel it's lower on a glycemic scale.


Whenever oatmeal comes up I must recommend this: http://www.coachsoats.com/