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Recipe Thread Search Help


I'm trying to find a recipe thread and I think it had to do with an Italian style cooking. It had lots of pictures of him (poster, Now he's huge and I think wears a lot of red in his display pics, Don't judge me how I remember things) cooking etc and it led into him banging a chicken breast because he stuffed it with herds and spices etc looking like one of those things that a woman has. That's all I can really recall.

Thank you,


Don't know if it's what you're looking for, but I know this douchebag has a thread going:



Thanks I thought I had my first post all edited cause I found it. I even told the mods to delete it, this thread that is.

Thanks again Steely going to make a recipe with a woman and needed some insight to how to make it again. Thanks for helping me get laid.



<-- Wing man


Well im glad you brought that thread to my attention. I been craving pizza for awhile now. I refuse to eat the abomination at work.



Priceless, you big red shirt wearing banging a chicken guy you.