Recipe Swap

I was just wondering if you all had any meals that you’ve come up with that taste GOOD (decent…) and have a good protein/carb count. I’ll throw a few of mine out.

  1. egg/oatmeal pancake
    Basically you add enough eggs to hit your protein count for the meal (don’t forget the oatmeal will have some) but then you use 2 packets of instant oatmeal of whatever flavor (I like maple or cinnamon). Be sure to mix the eggs and oatmeal in a different bowl to make them evenly spread out in the pancake. Finish it with some sugar free syrup and some natural peanut butter if ya want.

2)hamburger helper
Just good old hamburger helper but I only use water (no milk/butter) and I add ground turkey. Three cheese fo life.

I had this a long time ago and I haven’t remade it yet but it would be 1/2 cup orzo, 12 egg whites and a pound of whatever meat or 2 chicken breasts is what it calls for. Then you add whatever else you like and bake on 375 for 25 mins.

They’re good… I don’t lie.

Lots of good stuff here to make you go “NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!”

I’ve made the one with green and red pepper shells but put a mix of crab meat, tomato sauce, lots of herbs, cream cheese and man was it good and FILLING. Cost me about $60 (ingredients) for 5 servings.

EDIT: I am not the rightful owner of these totally awesome, delicious, and heavenly food ideas.

Nice! Thanks for the link!

I make homeade foccacia sandwiches for my wife for a surprise sometimes. They are huge and I usually put 4 thin sliced chicken breasts on the sandwiches. 2 per half. Making homeade foccacia is easy and it tastes SOOOOOOOOOO good. Then I just make it into a chicken club. Couple peices of bacon, some Mayo, lettuce and tomato. If you don’t want any fat involved just make it without the bacon and use a lowfat dressing instead of the mayo. My wife actually prefers a ceaser dressing and no bacon to the way I do mine. BTW if you google the recipies for foccacia, do the one that has you roll the dough out into 12inch rounds. Thats the best one I’ve tried. And also pre-start the yeast in warm water for a few before you throw it into the mix.


I made this up tonight and they worked out pretty well.

Salmon Cakes

2 Wild Salmon Fillets (torn up into small pieces)
A little plain yougart (maybe 1/4 cup)
2 Eggs
A little wheat germ (maybe 2 tablespoons)
A little milled flax seed (maybe 4 tablespoons)
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Red Pepper Flakes

I mixed them all into a bowl and fried them in oil (half canola, half olive oil).