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Recipe: Habanero Burgers


I just made these, they turned out great. If you like spicy food give them a try.





Your killing me man I started the Velocity diet yesterday. As I drink my 4 shake of the day.


hahahah well, maybe you can eat them after your done! oorrrrrr just eat a plain Habanero, then i am sure you will drink all of your shakes at once!


Im going to make that and eat at least half of it for dinner! Looks awesome and I love peppers!


I love peppers and hot stuff I am married to a Mexican woman and live in Texas, fucking Habanero's are hot. No fucking way I eat one plain.


DJHT: read what happened to my friend when he ate one plain:

He shouldn't have either...


Habaneros are no joke...I was making a chili recipe once, threw them in there. While cutting up all the ingredients, I made sure to be very careful and was constantly washing my hands and knife...wasn't enough...thought my hands were clean and scratched my nose. I have never in my life felt such pain. My nose was on fire and I couldn't see shit. Tried rinsing with water..not only did it not help, but I'm sure it just caused the oils to run...I have no other idea as to why my mouth ignited.

I spent almost the next hour in the bathtub pouring milk onto my face trying to neutralize that shit. I'm never touching those things again.


Those look good man. A couple of buddies of mine in highschool made a bet. One had a bottle of habenero seed extract, and he bet the other his paycheck that he couldn't take a spoonful and hold it without eating or drinking anything for 20 minutes. Like an idiot, he took the bet. Not 30 seconds after downing it he ran to the fridge, chugged half a gallon of milk, threw it up, chugged the other half, threw that up, started stuffing bread in his mouth, chugging applejuice, eating cookies, all kinds of shit. His eyes started swelling and he had weird patterns of sweat forming on his head and face. He was half-running circles around the island in the kitchen and making weird noises. There were 4 or 5 of us who watched this whole thing go down and we were on the ground rolling around we were laughing so hard. I don't think I've ever seen someone so uncomfortable in my life, and it was fucking awesome.


I ate a pickled one and survived. still burns by butt thinking about it.


excellent. take something too hot and concentrate the pain.

btw, ice cream is supposed to be effective at cooling the fire


Looks great, Alpha. Clicked through on some of the sponsored links just to say thanks.


"Dat don't look like McDonalds"


That was excellent. I have eaten some in salsa with chips. These have to be carefully measured so that you get the flavor without burning the skin off your lips.


The burgers are surprisingly tame considering all of the hot stuff in them...i think it is a mix of the cheese and cooking the peppers must dull them a little bit...

The burgers honestly tasted "good" spicy rather than "OMFG my mouth is on FIRE!" spicy...

i was honestly surprised by how well they turned out for just grabbing a bunch of junk out of my garden and throwing them in some dead cow...