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Recipe for Dog


No further explanation needed.


I would not eat my dog, but if I needed to eat and I found a random dog that looked healthy, what's the problem. I've ate horse before, no big deal.


I once had cat when I was stationed in Korea. It was kind of sweet. Goes well with really shitty beer.


Yuk, cats are like rodents. LOL though...


Damn. I thought this was a thread about natural recipes you could make for your pet.

Now that you mentioned it, my dog's thighs DO look rather yummy. lol


actually I got my finish friend to translate some stuff, and the guy was talking about how bad it tasted. So I don't recommend eating your dog.


Or maybe just that dog sucked, or the cooking sucked.

Some cows taste nasty, like I would not recommend scottish variety of cattle. Sometimes it's also what the dog eats.


People, for whatever various reasons, eat whatever foods are available to them at the most economical costs.

When the coming depression finally hits the US you can bet there will be a decrease in the number of rodents and stray pets in the inner cities.

I'm building pigeon traps in my spare time...


Suddenly roadkill seems like fair game.


Anyone know where to find a translated torrent of this show?