Recipe Brainstorming Thread

For those recipes you’ve thought up, want to try but haven’t got round to trying it yet… and perhaps would like some input from other people! I’ll start:

Nutella Protein Bars (makes 1 bar):
75g natural hazlenut butter
25g chocolate protein powder
1 tsp natural cocoa powder
1-2 tbsp water (just enough to mix)
Splenda to taste

Mix up, shape into bar and chill in fridge.

Initial concern is that the cocoa powder would be too bitter - any ideas on how to offset this? Would it even be necessary for the chocolatey taste? (milk chocolate fan tbh)

I always find a little bit of cinnamon offsets the bitterness of natural cocoa in my shakes. Plus, you’re only adding 1 teaspoon, which is very little considering I usually add about 1 tbsp+ and about 1 tsp of cinnamon to my shakes.