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Receptormax's Direct Effects


I started taking Receptormax and followed its consumption recommendation. So, I took 3 about 30 minutes before my workout. Then when I worked out, it was a pretty f*'n fantastic workout. I know of the insulin sensitivity effects, fast twitch nature it creates and its androgenic effects, but could ReceptorMax work that quickly (ie-30 minutes before workout) or was that more of a placebo effect?

Please enlighten this T-member! Thanks guys


Well the directions, if I remember correctly, state to take it 30 minutes before lifting. So I'm pretty sure it wasn't placebo.


Hells ya it works that fast


dats pretty insane if what you guys are saying is true...Receptormax; kinda expensive, but worth every fucking dollar!


What's insane about it?


I don't know, i just had the notion that Receptormax would be something that would give results after a few weeks or so


You sound a little upset that the product worked better than you expected -lol



I don't really understand this product...

I kind of stopped reading after they stated that it actually increases the number of androgen receptors in the body, I mean I really don't see how that is possible.

I mean part of what makes the pros the pro's is that they are more sensitive to androgens. They have more receptor sites for the testosterone or whatever androgen to bind to, and that's a genetic thing.

I'm not sure how an OTC product can manipulate that variable to any significant degree.


Maybe you should have kept reading.


Renowned muscle researcher Dr. Bill Kraemer showed that 21 days of supplementation with acetyl-L-carnitine led to a significant increase in the androgen-receptor content of the vastus lateralis muscle in the thigh.



I consistently use two caps with each day time meal and then three before hitting the weights. I've noticed an increase in my leanness and improved gains from lifting. It's become an important part of my training. Alpha-GPC and Receptormax before training is a win win combo!



I've noticed some issues with Receptormax prior to training in conjunction with the insulin spiking protocol. I seem to have a fairly rapid drop in blood sugar during a session when I use Receptormax before a training session. It's happened on at least 3 occasions and I ceased using the Receptormax before training sessions. I'm fairly sure it was the culprit as I have not had any issues since. It's likely because of the enormous spike in insulin prior to the session and Receptormax must help clear the blood sugar much more quickly than usual. Anyone else notice this?


That's an irrational attitude. You can't discover the truth about how things affect a biological system by reasoning. These are empirical questions.

"Genetics" is not a fixed program that runs without inputs. Many, many, MANY molecules that occur in foods, plants, and synthesized drugs turn genes off or on. Every single meal you eat expresses certain genes and inhibits others.

New molecules or new understanding of their effects get discovered, so it is irrational to say that an OTC product can't do X. That's like saying, "If you want a new book, you have to drive to a library or bookstore, you can't just press a button and have it magically appear on an electronic device like a Kindle, that's just not possible."

A person with "genetically" low adrenaline production might discover that a cup of coffee each morning boosts his adrenaline level to equal another person's "natural" production. Or someone whose blood clots excessively might take aspirin daily to have his blood clotting factors act like a healthier person's "genetic" or "natural" clotting factors. So what?


I've had similar experiences, but IMO the ideal solution is to take in more carbs, or to tweak their timing or glycemic response. So for example something like the recommended timing (in CT's forum) of Surge Workout Fuel followed by Surge Recovery works well. Or taking more WOF or other slower carbs before your blood sugar would otherwise drop. What is the point of priming muscles to suck up more carbs, then not give them enough carbs.


Anyone know the dosage of CoQ-10? I need to get 300mg/day