Receptormax / Rez-V Effects on Blood Sugar

Has anyone here experienced a decrease in blood sugar after taking either Receptormax or Rez-V?

I recently got blood work done, and my glucose level was at 106. My doctor doesn’t seem concerned, but I’d like to try and lower it if possible.

I’m already training 5x a week (no cardio though, as I’m trying to bulk up). As far as my diet, I get around 200-300g of carbs on my training days, with the majority coming in the morning and around the workout window. Besides workout carbs, my carb sources are complex (oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, ezekiel bread, sprouted wheat bagels).

Right now, I’m inclined to simply continue as I have been, keep a close eye on my diet, and re-test in about 6 months. Anyone think this is the wrong approach?

I should add that currently I don’t use much cinnamon, and I’ve seen studies where it is said that it has a positive effect on blood sugar, so I may start adding a couple tsp to some meals.