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Receptormax & Recommended Use


It's my 1st time going to be using Recpetor Max and the recommended use is 6 capusles per day. So, w/ 90 capusles i'm goign to be dry in 15 day?!!?!As a broke college student, I would rather devote more cash towards high quality food. So, you guys think it's o.k. to lower the recommended use of it (say 3 capsules perday) so it will last me 30 days???

Also, anyone care to share their experience w/ this supplments (I understand though thta different supplments affect different people to different degrees...wow alot of differences! lol)


as a broke college student I'd skip RM altogether and spend it on other Biotest ones. I would say save your money, but as a college kid you won't listen. I wouldn't have


If you're a broke college student, you're better off sticking with the basic supplements rather than trying something like Receptormax. Way more bang for your buck.


...damn, too late now. O well, I guess i'll use it for 15 days and then be smart about my supplement budget....A staple for me is:
- L-Leucine
- Biotest's Creatine
- Flameout Fish Oil
- ZMA (just bought it and im not sure if this one will stay...depends on how drastic the impact is on my body)
- Whey Protein (I buy them in 10lbs and it lasts VERY LONGGG)
...All of these supplements lasts about a few months (except SURGE which lasts about a month)

So for every month I spend a little over $100 (excluding the 10lbs Whey Protein...i'm still on the first one!..it's like someone keeps putting more in while i sleep!)

Are there any other Biotest supplements you guys think I should purchase or any Biotest supplements that I should replace w/ ones from my staple????

I'm really interested in what you guys think I should add or take down from my "staple" and for what reasons
Thank you


for a broke college kid, your staples seem to be good


I use it to get into ketosis. Na-r-ala is good for that.



What are you planning on using Receptormax for?