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Receptormax is Back!


Yay!! I see there's been some changes: Dosage is a little different (looks higher), and the blend of ingredients is now trademarked as CINNALEAN. Maybe we can get Tim or TC or Mod Brian in here to describe what's new?


Yea im stoked as well and it does look like they enhanced the product some.




ive been taking cinnamon caps (cinnamomum cassia bark) before each meal. would it be ok to keep taking these along with receptor max?


According to the new product label, one is taking 12 capsules per day.

Does this mean, then, that one bottle is now a 15-day supply?


its always been a 15 day supply


My mistake. :slight_smile: Not a Receptormax user and was reading the as of now nonupdated article whose dosage instructions are different that the product label - which implied a change in how long the product lasted.


I'm curious to hear the effects people have gotten off of this,.. makes me wonder about throwing it in with my ANACONDA Protocol (I only have 2 months to really cut lose and try to add as much quality size as possible before I have to start worrying about the INBF Worlds in November!)



I took it the month I was home for winter break last year. during this time I was just trying to gain as much weight as possible eating everything in site (christmass cookies, canolies, anything you can think of). During this time I actually got noticeably leaner. I've never really handled carbs very well though so someone who is very sensitive to insulin already may not notice such results. It's easily my favorite supplement, I'd even rank it over the anaconda protocol


I've used Receptormax. If you are training hard and your diet is dialed in, it's a fantastic product. You seem leaner each day. If your diet isn't straight yet, don't bother.


It's about fucking time!


I think it's a fantastic health product, but to say "you seem leaner each day" is a bit of an overstatement.


I definitely agree with the others and appear to get consistently leaner while using Receptormax despite what I would consider a fat-loss diet.

My order has been placed.


Um not really, at least for me. It will be harder to tell if you have a lot of body fat, but if you are relatively lean with some extra chub, it can make a noticeable difference other than just eating right and lifting hard.

I have been lifting and eating right long enough to know when a supplement helps me or not. Again I'm speaking from personal experience (and I'm very insulin resistant, I might add).


I'm not questioning your ability to judge a product long term, but you kind of sound like kids from another site, saying it makes you noticably leaner each day. Let's honestly look at that statement, do you really think you're losing that much body fat from one day to the next?
Ever track bodyweight, body fat from Monday to Tues and see a difference in #s? Or even take pictures, I can guarantee you, that it will be impossible to tell.

Again, I don't want to come off like this product doesn't work, but I've taken it a few times (1 month stints) and didn't notice much if any difference. However, I do think it's a quality product, just a bit out of my price range on a monthly basis throughout the year.


Dude, I don't think he's saying that he's going from 15% BF to 14% body fat from one day to the other. If he is saying that it makes him seem or feel leaner than why would you question him? Are you the Vegetable and Supplement police or something?


How would you define "noticeably leaner"? I'm just asking, no reason for anyone to take offense here


Well everyone has those good days and bad days where they look better or worse then they should. Maybe it helps to shift the balance towards having more good days, hence "noticeably leaner"? Just from what the supplement does I could see how this could occur.


Am I reading something wrong or are you supposed to take less on training days? Anybody have any idea why?


Is this product meant for a bulking phase or cutting phase?