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Receptormax For Fat Loss?


Has anyone had any success with Receptormax for fat Loss?
I'm currently trying to lose fat, alot of fat. Been doing the Low Carb route, and have had good results. Have lost 31 LBS so far. Did the V-Diet! Helped alot. Lost 10 Lbs. doing that.

I see that most of the stuff in Receptormax is on Dr.Atkins, and Jonny Bowden's, go to list of supplements when fat loss stalls.
I'm pretty sure I have insulin issues (most of my fat is in the belly, and spare tire).
Thanks for any input.


YES. it will help


Thanks relentless! Did you have a experience with it?


How much weight have you lost in how long using what approach?


I've used Receptormax on 2 seperate occasions. the first time was for a month over winter break when i was on a full out bulk eating everything in site and got noticeably leaner. Im also using it now to cut. I just finished my 3rd bottle and im down to about 6% body fat from 12% using a low carb diet. (pretty much my only carbs coming from work out fuel and recovery)


Damn relentless! your doing good!
Amonaro-I'v lost 31 Lbs in the last 4 and a half months,eating a ton of beef and chicken, and lots of veggies. Using Surge periworkout. Started at 284, at 253 now. Did V-Diet also last month. Lost 10 lbs doing that.
I am 39.


what protocol have you guys been using with success for taking Receptormax while cutting? the one prescribed on the bottle or have you been changing it in any way?


ReceptorMax won't help you lose fat like HOT-ROX will. RM is a different and more subtle beast.


Ordered a couple bottles yesterday, so we'll see. I'll keep everybody updated. Just finished a bottle of HOT-ROX last month, so I wanted to take a month off from it. Makes me pretty edgy.