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Receptormax Before Conditioning


Does anyone see any benefit to taking Receptormax before conditioning sessions? A buddy of mine will be starting winter workouts for his football team soon and he has conditioning at 6am. He's going to have whey before the conditioning session which lasts about an hour then eat a meal right after. Would there be any benefit to taking Receptormax before the conditioning or should he just save it for before his meals throughout the rest of the day? I'm guessing this is just nitpicking and probably wont make a difference but who knows


I've been using Receptormax for several months, and what my thinking has been, was that by taking it 20-30 mins before a meal (P+C usually), or before training (although I've usually got several FINiBARs in me and down my Anaconda during), it positively affects nutrient partitioning. If all your friend is going to be downing is straight Whey, then I can't really see it being as helpful than if he were to ingest a multiple macronutrient based meal. Let him wait, and pop 'em after pratice, and before he has his Post session feeding instead.



Exactly what I was thinking.

I would tell your friend to try taking SWF before the harder conditioning sessions. Receptormax (along with SWF) before those sessions would be a good idea.