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Receptormax and GDA's


I'm just thinking to myself because I don't plan on doing this currently, but maybe in the near future.

I wanted to purchase Receptormax for my next mass phase. I tend to eat alot of carbs (700-800grams) daily and figured Receptormax would definitly help with my insulin sensitivity (along with all the other benefits). Not that I have a problem with insulin sensitivity, but at that type of carb intake I wouldn't mind being more sensitive.

Now, I've been doing some reading on glucose disposal agents (GDA's) and have been reading good reviews from those who have tried them. A popular GDA I keep coming across is Slin-Trol (which is Vanadyl Sulfate and Chromium Polynicotinate). My question is, would pairing these two (Receptormax and Slin-Trol) together before a carby meal be beneficial or actually hindering in some way?

Basically in this case, is MORE a good thing or is it useless/harmful?

Any thoughts, opinions or knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks.


Great question. I had thought about this in the past but never really put effort into devising a supplement schedule.

I hope Bill R or Tim Z respond.

Do you always take in 700+ grams carbs per day, or are you carb cycling and that is a "high" day for you?


During my last bulk, thats what I was getting in on training days 5-6 days a week. I may do things differently next time, because I kept my fat relatively low and I missed out on some tasty foods (like beef!). I'm cutting down now with about 150 carbs a day and 1,000 every 5th day.

Anyways, insight from Bill or Tim would be great.


Your carb-up day carb count.. IT'S NOT OVER 9,000!

Interested in what the experts will have to say on this topic.


Looking at your pictures, insulin sensitivity is not really an issue. However, everyone benefits from fenugreek and carnitine which would raise your testosterone. I'd skip the Slin-trol and take twice as much ReceptorMax.


Yeah, well If I skip one of them, it would be Slin-Trol because ReceptorMax has other benefits along with insulin sensitivity (although Slin-Trol's like $11). Like I said, if I can be MORE sensitive, why not? I just don't know if theres any logic behind that.


Personally, I think it might make you nauseous, at least initially. But that's a whole 'nother conversation I don't want to get into.




Elusive, what do you have to say about GDA's in general? seems like you did some research.


Well, for one thing, they're really popular on other boards. Many people like different things, but I keep seeing Vanadyl Sulfate and Chromium Polynicotinate pop up. I read alittle bit more into it and these are the two ingredients in Slin-Trol which happens to be a popular item to those that like GDA's. 120caps for $11. Definitly affordable.

Everyone seems to have their own dosing protocol and own tolarances but basically its taken with large carb meals. People report enhanced glycogen storage, so better uptake of glucose into the muscles. This leads to more intense training, more intense pumps in the gym and overall slightly less fat gain. Typically, I hear them mentioned for meals pre and post workout or during re-feeds (which is what im doing) while dieting.

Then you have the peeps that are actually so into this stuff, they go out and buy glucose meters. Taking blood samples before, during and after meals to see how their blood sugar changes with GDA's and without. I've seen lots of accounts from lots of people where their blood sugar either barely went up or came back down to normal VERY quickly (compared to their normal spikes and dips w.o GDA help). They also claim to get great pumps from this and frequently overcompensate their glycogen stores.

So, naturally, I'm very curious about all this and wanted to hear some insight from people around here because they don't seem all that popular in these parts (maybe for good reason).


Thanks! ReceptorMax - when I first started using this, it had a pretty rad effect on me. Enhanced body composition. However, after running it for like 2 months, and taking 1.5 months off, didn't notice any huge differences. I started taking it again this week, but I'm taking so much fish oil, as well as HRX and a low carb intake in general, it'd be very hard to monitor how effective it actually is.

On the two components of GDA's you mentioned - does anything suggest they may be harmful?

Edit: D'oh.. "Better body comp and enhanced body composition"?


Yes, actually. I should've included this in my intial question. Vanadyl Sulfate has been shown to be harmful in large dosages. How large and is it a real concern? I can't seem to find a definitive answer. 100mgs or higher is what I'm hearing as dangerous amounts. There are 10mgs of Vanadyl Sulfate in Slin-Trol (200mgs of Chromium Polynicotinate) per serving.

Also, if someone of infinite knowledge decides to answer this (BILL or TIM), what are your thoughts on the above?

Thanks for the reminder G87.