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Receptormax and AAS

Since there is a point of diminishing returns with AAS due to AR availability, might Receptormax allow an AAS user to use more androgens and still benefit from the higher dose?

One of Biotest’s claims for Receptormax is it increases the number of androgen receptors your body has.

So, I guess what I’m asking is…

If someone see’s the same gains on 1000mg test/wk as they do 1500mg test/wk, might the same person benefit from taking 1500mg while using Receptormax?

Does anyone have any experience with this? Thoughts?

I wouldn’t assume it. For one thing, the evidence is towards upregulation of the androgen receptor by use of supraphysiological levels of androgen. So that doesn’t mean that an upregulation seen under normal conditions would also give an increment under those conditions.

Also, I have used acetyl-L-carnitine for a long time. Not continuously, though often for quite extended periods – I probably was buying and using it for a year straight before Receptormax came out – but a lot of the time, starting back when I was still a natural trainer.

I did find a noticeable benefit when natural. The biochemical/physiological cause, I have no way to know.

As a steroid user I certainly saw no fabulous boost such as your above suggested figures.

I took it then because it’s a nice pre-workout CNS stimulant at high doses (really high), and I believe there are health benefits.

I take the Receptormax now as a steroid user because I still believe in the health benefits of ALC, Co-Q10, and R-ALA, and so if not for Receptormax would be buying these when I could afford them; and performance-enhancement-wise for the effects on insulin and glucose-uptake.

Cool. Thanks Bill.

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I should have been more precise. Yes, absolutely a salt version, as the non-salt version is unstable.

By the way, I feel like an absolute idiot for not having come up with the salt idea myself for R-ALA, as that’s a compound I did a fair bit of work with (not generating a final product though due to racemization problems, different than the above stability problem) and the stability problem was known back then as well. Oh well.