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ReceptorMax/Alpha Male Breathing Problems


Has anyone else experienced shortness of breath on the above stack? I've used both separately without issue, but stacked I experience a tight chest and the inability to draw a full breath within a few days. As soon as I stop one or the other, my breathing returns to normal.


Really?! I've been taking both for the last couple of months, and haven't noticed anything like you describe. Do you take them both together? I tend to space mine a bit, usually the receptormax as soon as I wake up, and then the Alpha Male when I get back from walking my dog before cooking breakfast, so I guess there' a 15-20 minute space of time.



I would not use any product that caused me shortness of breath. If I experienced shortness of breath for any sustained amount of time I would see a doctor.


Yeah, saw a doctor - nothing physically wrong. I go off one or the other, and everything returns to normal; go back on both, shortness of breath. I had never read a similar complaint, so I started the thread hoping maybe someone (even a MOD) might have some insight. It's pretty much an either/or situation with me. I've stuck with RM for the last few months, but I am missing my AM...