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Receptor Sites More Sensitive to T After a Long Break?

Sup bros, mofos and gym rats. I’m new here and glad to be aboard. I was a long time member of Anabolex a while back but been an orphan until I found T-nation, thank you all for having me and doing what you do here.

I have a bad tendency to ramble so I’ll try my best to get to the point, and stay on it without writing a novel.

So, I’m a 32 year old male. 6’2” @ 222lbs around %13BF. Before I took this long break I was 242lbs. Been training for 10 years minus the 3 where my job required me to travel pretty much non stop. After this three year hiatus from the gym (and gear) I’m finally back at it and getting my weight and strength back up slowly but surely. I have decent experience and knowledge with AAS and after I put on a few more pounds naturally and get my joints and ligaments used to training again, I’m defensively going back on cycle.

So here’s my question, after such a long break is it logical to think I could run low doses or Test and Tren, maybe anavar and get good results? It’s my thinking my receptor sites are “fresh” so to speak and if that’s the case I really look forward to being able to use lower doses again instead of 1g plus like I was using before I stopped. My goals are to get back up to around 235lbs or 245lbs again.

I appreciate any and all who took the time to read my post and really appreciate any thoughts and input you guys might have.

A well-planned, lower dose cycle coupled with the right training and diet should get you where you want to go. The mechanisms by which androgen receptors are up-or-down regulated are complicated. If you want to do a deep dive into that then you’re free to do so. But the most reasonable answer to your question, based on some simple guesswork, is that after three years and a major change in your size, you shouldn’t have to run insane amounts of gear to get yourself back near your goal. At least not right off the bat. At some point you’ll hit that level of diminishing returns, but probably not from your first cycle back.