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Recently Tested, High Total T. Inaccurate Results?

Ok so 8 years ago I tested low at a T clinic. The testing was free so I did it. My total T levels were 192. I was 28 years old. I was told that it was so low they had to send my sample to an endocrinologist. Those results came back and they said there was no issues. I did the HRT for a few weeks and decided I wasn’t gonna do this the rest of my life so I stopped.

I did a little research and it seems Zinc, vitamin D3, magnesium are all recommended for test production naturally. So I started taking those OTC vitamins.

Well the last few months I have felt a little ran down. Life stress etc. I decided to go to PCP to have test levels tested. I told him I’d tested very low 8 years ago and gave him the story I posted above. He said that’s fine we will test and go from there. Well blood tests were done and my total levels were at 400. Free T levels were also well within normal levels. The normal range on the testing results were 300-1080. So while I’m on the lower end of normal I’m still in normal range.

So the real question is, did the supplements I take actually increase my total levels more than 2x 8 years later? I’m 36 now and have over 2x the T levels as when I was in my 20s???

Or are these clinics using crappy testing to get more ppl on their services by testing everyone low? Which is the more realistic scenario?

Zinc became hard to find a few months ago so I backed off on my Zinc to just 50 mg a day. Magnesium 750-800mg daily. 5000 iu vitamin D daily.

Disclaimer: this thread is just for entertainment purposes and I’m not asking for medical advice just seeing if anyone else has had this experience or something close to it.

There’s a lot of variables that impact testosterone including what time of day you tested. 192 to 400 is not unrealistic. What happened over those 8 years besides supplementation. Did you lose weight? Improve your diet? Improve sleep habits? Reduce stress?

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That swing could happen over the course of the day. It’s highest in the morning and drops off as the day goes on. So a blood test in the afternoon is going to be wildly different than the morning, and even worse if you didn’t get enough sleep.

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I have gained weight over those years but I’m about the same bf % so I’ve put on muscle. I have been as heavy as 240 lbs 2 years ago (not muscle gain obviously) I weigh 190 now and when I was originally tested I was around 180. I can’t remember exact time 8 years ago however I would guess it was afternoon because I worked at a hospital at the time and always did things like this after work (after 4pm). This past test was at 11:45am. So most likely yes there was a significant Difference in the time. Stress is pretty high right now. Much higher than then. My diet however is much more balanced and much healthier.

Edit:sleep habits are better now though I don’t stay up late on my phone and use melatonin to assist.