Recently started testavan trt

Hello, my first post here. How exciting!

I recently started trt 1 week ago through the general health care. The only starting option was transdermal gels so I chose Testavan. I know gels are shit, but had no choice. My dose is 3 pumps on each shoulder in the morning (69 mg of test).

Yesterday I took bloods on the behalf of my self… I took throughs in the morning 24 h since last dosage. My results were 12 nmol/l test and 5.9 free test (up from 10 nmol/l) since starting. Absolutely shit.

Is it to early to throw this garbage in the pile, or can i expect any build up of T?

Gels are in and out of the system really quick if I understand the pharmacokinetics correctly? They usually measure peaks and not throughs on gels, kind of retarded?

You wasted your time and money on testing because you tested at the wrong time!

You’re supposed to test at 4-6 hours after your dosing.

I’m on oral testosterone undecanoate (6 hr half-life) and I have to test at 6 hours after dosing, otherwise if I test at 12 hours, my levels will always be bottomed out at 289 ng/dL even though my levels are 988 ng/dL at peak, or 592 ng/dL at midpoint.

3 weeks is enough time to reach steady states.

I hear you bro. I know exactly what to excpect on testosterone though as I’m a former blast & cruiser for 6 years. I was off for 8 months, all the time in a hypogonadal state. But I wanted to test my chances of recovering, with no success unfortuneately. Now I want to do it the legal way and was diagnosed with primary hypo. I have no experience with gels however. So yes you’re probaly right. My script says 3 h after applying. My reasoning for taking throughs was why spend 12 out of 24 hours in a hypogonadal state? Why wake up hypogonadal and feel low T symtoms everytime before applying the gel? I might be wrong on this though.

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It’s troughs not throughts.

I wake up every morning at 289 ng/dL, however I don’t feel like I’m in a hypogonadal state because my levels are elevated a higher percentage of the time.

My average levels are 489 ng/dL.

1 week is too early to test, my man.

Numbers are somewhat meaningless at this point. Symptom relief is paramount.

Trust the process, and if you don’t feel better at the 4-6 week mark, then start looking for answers.

Remember, testosterone is a hormone, which means it’s a signal to the body to change its structure. It’s not an active drug like cocaine where you feel it immediately. It’s important to give your body time to respond by building more androgen receptors, etc.

Just my 2c


As with every testosterone gel, there is one important thing to consider before blaming the medication.

After applying the dose on the recommended skin area, ALWAYS let the gel completely dry before putting on your clothes.

And with completely dry/fully absorbed gel, I mean that you can touch the applied skin area and it is fully dry, no residue gets on the fingers when touching.

Letting it dry completely can take approximately 40-80 mins, at least for myself.

If you’re not willing to wait for the gel to be fully absorbed, you shouldn’t even use the gel. Always let the area become fully dry before putting on clothes again or risk getting substantially lower testosterone levels.

If necessary, shave off excessive body hair for better absorption.

Thank you for your input. But I went all in. I exfoliated a minimum of 2 days per week. I dermarolled the skin. I waited 2 (two) hours to let it dry. Went around with a bare upper body whole that time. After 1 1/2 hour I applied a body lotion. I even shaved my shoulders even though I barely have any hair there.

I did this from the get go since I researched quite a bit before.

And yes, I think the gel sucks, still.

Wow ! Very good that you researched and started the gel well prepared.

When using body lotion myself on the application area, I noticed that the drying time increased and absorption of the gel the next day or two potentially went down.

So for myself, I therefore skipped the daily lotion application and only applied lotion if the skin over time became irritated or to dry. In other words only applied lotion if the skin really need help to “recover”, since the gel can be a little harsh sometimes.

In my experience, the gel did work as TRT, but the practical implications and wait time before putting on clothes was a pain. Spending an hour everyday, 365 times a year before putting the shirt on is no fun.

If you can get legitimately prescribed testosterone enanthate, I would recommend that route instead unless severely afraid of injections/needles.
Injecting every 5 days, is enough for most people.

If only able to get testosterone undecanoate (spelling?), brand name Nebido or Aveed.
It could work well if you took like 125mg every 7 days or 250mg every 14 days.

It’s difficult not to laugh at the absurdity! Just give me my Jatenzo, pop the pill down the hatch and done!

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