Recently Got Off, Start Cruising Now or Wait?

So, it’s my 4th cycle of running Test-E only @ 500mg a week. Every cycle I have done has been Test only and nothing else.

I get great results, no sides, and feel fantastic while I’m on.

Here’s the deal…

I’m sick of getting off and losing a little size and strength. It’s not worth it to me.

However, I just got off 4 weeks ago (Mid-September) from a 12-week Test-E cycle @ 500mg per week.

I want to blast and cruise Test only, but don’t know if I should wait until my next cycle at this point.

My question is:

Should I just stay off for another 2 months? That would be 12 weeks off… Or, should I just get back on a low dose of Test right now since I plan on blasting and cruising from here on out?

Basically, should I just start cruising right now even though I’ve been off for 4 weeks or should I wait another 2 months and blast then cruise… and so on and so forth…

28 years old
5’ 9"
206lbs currently…Hover around 215-218 while on.
7-8% bf normally year round.
Diet is always on point and training is always intense.
Been lifting for a decade +
Only run Test at the moment and don’t plan on taking anything else as I don’t see a need. I get great results from Test only.

Thanks everyone!

You can start cruising anytime.

You do understand this shit’s for life right? Pinning, regular bloodwork, AI use, HCG to maintain fertility till you’re done having kids…

You can cruise anytime but if its been 4 weeks since your last cycle it wont help much retaining gains from it as you likely have crash several weeks ago. Any PCT?

Yeah I understand it’s for life.

On that note, how often are you using HCG while B&C?

Yeah, but at least I wont keep losing gains slowly for the next 2 months.

So, I cruising now seems to be A-Okay?

There is a lot of knowledge in the TRT forum. Have a look at these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections

We see what works there and what does not work well and have lots of reported lab work to support whats been learned.

TRT is not just an old man’s game. There are plenty in their 20’s and 30’s.

Your not liking how you feel off-cycle can be from the effect of the relative drop in T, or your T levels may actually be low. You could get labs done when off-cycle and would need to include LH/FSH.

You should do labs while on a TRT level to see whats going on.
AST/ALT [liver]

If aways on, your testes will shrink and pull up tight unless you are using hCG or a SERM.
Thoughts on infertility?