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Okay guys, I heard what a mess of a thread occurred earlier today (Wed) from my conversations with Skynett and about how I've been feeling that the overall quality and especially the reputation of this site have dropped quite a bit. So let me just make a couple of statements here, and then leave it at that.

First, I have been on this site for over a decade. In that time, I've always had a certain image in my mind of what it represented to me. Yes, the forums themselves are the product of many many contributors, but overall, this site filled a certain role for me. I had one online site I would go to for my 'fluff' pieces on the latest celebrity to get into shape, one site I would go to in order to get results and discussions on the latest contests, and then I had T-Nation, the site where I could engage in intelligent discussion with serious trainers from different backgrounds and with their own opinions.

As I progressed in my own development, and was given a couple of 'thank you perks' by the higher ups for (as they put it) mentoring the newbs and more inexperienced T-folks, I was truly proud to be associated with the site. I puffed out my chest wearing either my Biotest or Testosterone T-shirts at contests, in a few of my training videos, heck, at any opportunity.

Well, in the last couple of years, I've started taking notice of just how this site is regarded elsewhere, on the internet, as well as among the other competitors in the sport. To be completely honest, I wasn't really happy with what I heard. Now, I'm not going to get into particulars of why I feel things have taken a dip, but I will say that I'd love nothing more than for things to improve. I've written in many threads before that there are a serious number of people currently on here that are not only highly intelligent, but have educational credentials and real world accomplishments that allow for some truly high end discussions and sharing of information.

For the record, my issues were that as a WNBF Pro, as well as a coach, I try to keep an eye on my reputation. I've had videos and articles about me on several different sites as well as in magazines. I've even been offered monthly columns elsewhere. What I didn't realize when I started out, was that as a successful competitor I have essentially become my own product. With all the BS flying around here lately, it made me realize that it was probably not the best place for my product to be associated with. Hopefully we can take steps to remedy this.

I had no intention of bringing more 'drama', or making a scene instead of just hitting the ignore button on certain posters. That really does nothing to address problems, it just hides them. All I can do at the end of the day is worry about me. If my considering taking a leave is enough to get some people's panties in a bunch, so be it. If other people don't care, just as well. Personally, I'd rather hope that we can get back to the days when TN was regarded as the place where the smart gym rats hung out. A site that I honestly cared about sporting their logos on my chest when I walked into the gym each afternoon to test my mettle.



Glad you're back. : )


Good Post.
Stay and clean up the place.


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Stu, you're one of the guys that when I see you have posted something I always took the time to read what you had to say.

edit/well maybe not all 8509 lol.


If internet cred and the perception of others related to association with a forum is so important, do what some of the coaches I know have done- Don't Participate. Honestly, they have been very successful without having to impress any of us.

If you're going to be professional about it, do exactly that- Write articles, get paid and exercise some control over the conversation by not having it on an open forum. You also gain the priceless assistance of The Mods, who can and will delete posts that bring down the level of the conversation.


Ryan was right about the ungrateful idiot posters here.
I guess when you're a DYEL'er who's only contributions to this site are GAL and PWI it doesn't matter if a bodybuilding with multiple PRO Cards decides not to post but the rest of us who actually care about lifting would like to learn and get tips from a well educated, informative professional bodybuilder who juggles a wife, full time career AND kicks ass in the gym.


Please don't leave.
Its understandable if you feel that contributing here is no longer worth your time. Even so, you must realize that part of the decline in the forums is because the more mature contributors like you keep leaving.



If TNation has become the laughing stock of the Fitness Internet World why do so many well known Fitness Professionals still continue to contribute to the site, Why would they risk their reputation.


It is utterly laughable how wrong your statement is, which I can only assume is direct, at least partially, at me. Whatever, I'm not gonna get into it again.

Stu, you are a valuable member of this site, I would hate to see you go.

Please stay.



Fitness Pros and other coaches write for the site in return for financial compensation. Don't fault them for this, but certainly don't fool yourself thinking there's anything else to it. I have never received, nor asked for any from this site. Nor do I dedicate time in my day creating endless articles with hopes of selling them.

I've always viewed myself as just another forum member. If time, and certain accomplishments have seen fit to put me in the role of the more experienced guy (which most certainly wasn't always the case), then I feel a responsibility that I 100% welcome, to give back and share freely of myself.

Again, I didn't make a big deal out of what I was considering, but apparently it did mean enough that the powers that be here lit up my phone within about 20 minutes of Skynet's post. Many people have left this site over the years, with an especially knowledgeable handful in the last few IMO. The fact that I was just feeling exhausted from all the BS on here lately is nothing anyone should take personally, nor use as an excuse to either praise me, or hate me. It is what it is.

Jared and I spoke for a while last night about what can be done to clean things up a bit. It's not like Tim and the guys don't see what's going on. Biotest can be as successful as it is, but I'm 100% certain that Tim wasn't a fan of the shitstorm of threads that made up some of these forums.

Let's all move on, and hopefully everyone can play nicely together in the sandbox. I love this place, and have always felt supported in my own endeavors by the other members, as well as done my best to support them in their own pursuits. How about we try to get back to that mentality?




I really hope you don't let some asshole (or multiple assholes) push you to leave. I really, for the life of me, cannot understand why you and about 10 other posters can't just, "ignore," through the ignore function or just through self control, certain posters.

You seem like a pretty great guy from what I've read, on the level of an Alpha & other posters that have left, do what make you happy. I hope what makes you happy is to stay.



So if you are back.... that means I crumbled a red relvet poptart on the street for my fallen hommie for no reason? You sir owe me a poptart.


It's already been said. Ignoring doesn't fix it. He still gets quoted which pops up


Not if everyone ignored him.


I'm fine with a guy making a buck for writing an article, but writing articles for what has been deemed a site with a less than stellar reputation may be penny-wise dollar foolish. What I find ironic is that the poster who I am assuming in part caused this decision hasn't been on the boards much lately.


If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle.


The ignore feature, has constantly been mentioned and always denied as a method that doesent work....but have any of you guys that are so disgruntled with him ever tried? Part of me thinks that many of you guys who have banded together to take on this poster actually likes the banter and the back and forth. Its almost caused a camaraderie amongst many posters, you all have an enemy in common (relatively speaking)


True, but you'd have to check to find out right?

This is all I'm saying:

SS, Utah, & Stu want to have a conversation. All 3 have X on ignore (like me).

SS writes something, X reponds, Utah and Stu only see what SS wrote. Not what X wrote.
Stu responds. SS & Utah can now see what Stu wrote in resposne to SS, but not what X wrote.

Is that not how the ignore function works?


I'd honestly rather not get into playing "let's blame anyone being disgruntled here on one guy". Seriously, put blame wherever you want, on our DDS friend, on others who seem to enjoy following him and proving him wrong, on me for not enjoying the whole situation these forums have become and even being told that I need to ignore anyone in what is usually a very civil and informative cyber-setting. It doesn't matter. This site is what we make of it.

Authors write for the site in hopes that traffic will read their articles, and they can build a following. This means that you reach out to the widest audience you can. Meadows (who I respect the hell out of) writes for many different sites, as do other authors on here. It's just smart business, and has nothing to do being dollar foolish.

And for the record, the poster that you speak of 'only' posted 16x the other day. Must have been really busy at work.

Please, let it go, I'm not focusing on one poster. He's had his impact, positive or negative, on these forums and it is what it is. I'm hoping we can get away from what things have been lately, and I have a strong hunch that Tim feels likewise.