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Recent Squat Pain

Hello all,
I have been experiencing recent squatting pain in what I believe to be my Pectineus. It is only my left side and its ok when im down in ATG position but it is when I bring the weight back up and lock it out that it kills. I experienced this before and took a week or so off from squatting which sucked. It did help the pain and now Im about 2 weeks back into squatting and the pain is back again.

I am going to take another week or so off and tend to the area. A question I have is that would leg presses be an ok substitution for the squats for the time being? All help is appreciated!

Muscle Diagram:

If you can leg press without pain, I’d say go for it while you’re trying to find a way to squat right.

Does it occur when you do the concentric part of a squat down to parallel too, or is it just ATG?

What does your warm-up before you squat look like?

Answer the previous, and if you can’t get a good response on this forum, I’d advise peeking into Eric Cressey’s locker-room. That man is a miracle-worker when it comes to rehabbing athletes. Be polite and curteous, identify the problem, and maybe if no one else chimes in here he’ll be able to answer your question.

do like otep said… seek medical expertise

I can leg press without pain. I spoke with a guy whom I trust at my local gym and I am going to give squats a rest. It doesn’t hurt in the concentric part of my ATG squat, I just feel it tightening. It is when I come back up and fully lock out the squat is when it kills. My warmups I start light at 115 doing 1x6 and increase by 10lbs each time doing 1x6. Once I hit 165 I do 1x3’s and still increase by 10 up to 205.

You missed the point of that question. It’s possible that you could squat parallel without pain. Its worth investigating, and is relatively simple to do so. If possible, go for it. If not, well, back to the drawing board.

It seems that you can avoid pain when squatting so long as you stop short of full extension/lockout. Frankly, this seems like a good idea to me, because you’re basically forced to have constant tension on the muscle, which leads to high levels of stress (and therefore, growth).

So you have… nine sets of warmups? Eight? Ordinarily, that’d be a little bit excessive, although I can easily see the point when you’re handling pain from said squatting. Warm-up looks more than adequate, so that’s not really a solution. Thanks for posting it up though.

The leg press is probably a decent alternative for now, but you’re going to have to get that fixed properly at some point. I’d PM one of the posters in the ‘Trainers Talking Shop’ thread in the GAL. They probably won’t be able to diagnose you, but they can give you an idea on where to go to get it checked out. Cressey too, but he may not be able to respond to you as soon as the others will.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot otep! Appreciate the help, I will try the combination of parallel squats and not locking out fully and see how that goes. I will PM one of the trainers for some advice. Again, appreciate the help!

Locking out is bad! Not just on squats but all pressing movements. I stopped locking out on all pressing movements after studying Ronnie Coleman’s style of repping. He claims it is the main reason he has preserved his joints well into his 40’s. Plus, like others have said, it gives you the constant tension which creates a huge pump.