Recent Sets Per Workout Post and Forearm/Trap Training Question

Good Evening Christian,
I am currently running the Modified Hatfield Split which I thoroughly enjoy. A question about maintaining the guidelines you provided in your recent post on sets per week/workout/muscle and in conjunction with your Look of Power (trap, forearms) posts…
When trying to stay within the sets per workout parameter outlined in the post and considering that forearm and trap training creates less damage and central fatigue, would the sets of forearms and trap training be counted against the total number of sets for that workout?
For example, if the daily workout has a total set count of 22, adding some additional sets of trap and/or forearm training could potentially put one well over the “<25 or ideally 12-20” guideline.
Or might one be better off doing the trap/forearm exercises on an “off” day?
Thanks again for your help!